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Inventory Management on iPad Feature


Revel iPad Inventory Management


Inventory management on the Revel iPad POS application allows users to make changes to their product’s inventory without having to go on a computer or log into the Management console. Also within the Inventory Management feature, users may pull up Purchase Orders and confirm their delivery.

*Not available in Revel lite.

Inventory Management

The inventory management is available for both the iPad and iPhone/iPod Revel application.

  1. Log into the Revel application as a manager or owner role
  2. Select the settings or gear button at the top left
  3. Select “Manager” tab to enter Manager Settings page
  4. Select “Inventory” to enter the Inventory Management screen
  5. Type in the name or barcode of the desired product. Then hit “Submit”
    1. If no match is found, a window will display potential matches
  6. The desired product will appear on the screen with 5 inventory action buttons. For additional inventory features such as transfer inventory, please visit the Management Console.
    1. Cost: Update the cost of the product. This is the cost to purchase or create the product, not the cost charged to a customer.
    2. Price: Update the price of the product. This is what is charged to the customer when it is purchased.
    3. Receive: Select this to add new stock to the existing inventory. Add the quantity, choose the unit, input the cost/unit for this received, and any remarks.
    4. Actual: This is the stocktaking function. It will override whatever inventory is available to how many it is set here. Adjust cost will adjust the cost per unit to reflect the new actual amount. The total amount it is worth will not change but the cost per unit will change.
    5. Waste: Remove existing inventory by a certain amount. Adjust cost will update the cost/unit of the product.
  7. Once complete, select “Dismiss” at the bottom right.


Inventory Management is also available within the “Manage Item Mode” where you can select the desired product from the menu as oppose to entering the name or barcode.

The iPhone/iPod is very similar. The inventory tab is located under the “More” button -> Inventory -> Products (not POs)


Purchase Order

Within the Inventory Management screen, users can accept and confirm delivered purchase orders. The purchase order must be generated and finalized within the Management console. This feature is also available on the iPhone/iPod version.

  1. Within the Inventory Management screen, select “POs” at the top right as oppose to “Products”
  2. Type in the barcode of a product included in a PO or select “PO ID#” to input the PO ID#. If barcode was entered, select the applicable PO.
    1. PO ID# can be found after the PO has been generated in the Management Console
  3. The PO will display on the screen with all the products within the PO. Confirm the quantity and hit “Submit” to complete the PO. The quantity will then be added into the existing inventory.



iPhone Version:










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