Reconciling Revel’s Order Number with Payment Processor Transactions

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Reconciling Revel’s Order Number with Payment Processor Transactions


When processing credit cards transactions with Revel, it is possible to match Revel’s order number to an order/invoice number on the payment gateway. This can be incredibly useful for searching up a specific transaction in Revel using the invoice number or vice-versa.

For example, there is an order number at Revel that is 86848 but client wishes to view this specific transaction on USAePay.


Matching the Order and Payment

This may vary between gateways (USAePay, Mercury, WorldPay, etc). In order to meet requirements set by the gateway, Revel will add a 100, 200, or 300 in front of the order number and send that number to the gateway.

For example, if the order number is 86885 so the USAePay’s order ID/invoice #= 10086885. Client can use USAePay’s search feature to search with anything matching “10086885”.


Revel Order 86885

USAePay Invoice 10086885

Or vice-versa, grab the Order ID/Invoice # from USAePay then search Revel’s Order History Report with the number without the 100, 200, or 300.

If a bulk matching is needed, export the Order History Report along with the gateway's report for the same time frame. Then use Excel to paste the info into the sheet. Remember to remove the first 3 digits of the gateway's invoice #.


  • Mercury calls this number the invoice #
  • WorldPay removes the first number of Revel’s Order # and replaces with 100 or 200.





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