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By enabling the “Is Drink” feature, drink items rung up at a “bar” station will not print a kitchen ticket while drink items rung up at any other station will print a kitchen ticket. This method can be used to prevent unnecessary printing at the bar. This is not limited to only drinks; it can be used for any items prepared at the bar.


Assigning “Is drink” items

When the “is drink” item is rung up at the bar, it will not print to any of its associated kitchen printers. However, any other items rung up at the bar station will still send to their associated printers.

Each item on the menu must be designated as an “is drink”. This can be done manually via the Product menu or via import/export feature.

  1. Login to Revel Management Console
  2. Select the Products icon -> Products tab
  3. Navigate to the desired products and select the details button
  4. Select Advanced Product Details -> Table/Quick Service Options on the left
  5. Check on “Is drink” on the right
  6. Select Save to complete

Assigning the “is drink” can be done using the excel sheet as well. Make sure all your products have barcodes or SKUs assigned before proceeding. This can be done via the “Extra” tab.

  1. Select Import/Export under the Products icon
  2. Select “Advanced” and include “Is drink” as one of the additional fields
  3. Change the desired products under the “Is Drink” column from “No” to “Yes”
  4. Save the excel file
  5. Import the file on the Management console at same page as the export.


Designating the bar station

Once the items have been assigned as “is drink”, the POS station needs to be assigned as “is bar”. This is a staff only setting; please contact Revel Support for further assistance.



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