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Hooking up 2 ECH Cash Drawers to a single printer

By Sam


When connecting  2 ECH Cash Drawers to a single printer, rather than using a splitter and special "A" and "B" cables like we do with the APG Cash Drawers, we instead use a single special splitter and the cables shipped with the cash drawers.

The ECH Cash Drawers use a K-18-EPSON-NCMS cable that has an RJ-11 connector on both ends, each very clearly labeled "PRINTER" and "CASH DRAWER".  The ends are NOT interchangeable.   If they are hooked up backwards the cash drawer will not open! (unless you use the key).   Despite being labeled "Epson" these cables are also used for Star Printers.

When hooking up 2 ECH cash drawers up to the same printer you need to use a "EPSON-RJ-Y-CABL" splitter.   This connects to the kick port on the printer and then the K-18-EPSON-NCMS cables plug into that splitter.

Plug the "tail" of the splitter into the KickPort on the printer and then plug the "PRINTER" ends of the K-18-EPSON-NCMS cables into ports 1 & 2 on the splitter.


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