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Delivery Management Settings



Located under Settings -> Advanced Settings in the Management Console, there are delivery settings available. Such settings include delivery area, automatic customer attachment, and more.

Click here to learn more about delivery management.



Auto capture customer information for delivery: When the dining option is switched to “Delivery, it will automatically ask to attach a customer to the order.


Catering delivery tracking: This enables the catering function on the iPad and reporting on the Management Console. To learn more about catering, click here.


Delivery driver tracking: This is a legacy setting for the old delivery management system. It enabled the delivery management tool for the iPad and reporting on the Management Console.


Delivery orders subject to cold taxation rules: If enabled, all delivery orders are subject to the “Is Cold” rule where items marked as “Is Cold” and dining option “Delivery” will be tax-free.


Transfer ownership of delivery orders to driver: By default, orders rung up will fall under the employee who was logged in. If this setting is enabled, ownership of the order will transfer to whoever the assigned driver is.


Delivery optimization: The system will optimize route and prep time of the order to suggest delivery orders for drivers. In order to function properly, items need to have their prep time assigned via the product detail’s page.


Delivery area by post codes: Input the post code(s) of the acceptable delivery area. If there are multiple post codes, separate each one by a “,” comma. If delivery address falls outside the acceptable post codes, a warning will display indicating it is outside however the delivery can still proceed at the discretion of the client.


Delivery area by GeoJson: Create a precise delivery area with a GeoJson string. A GeoJson string can be generated at Copy and paste the strings on the right into the field.


*Please Note: Only polygon strings are supported. Revel does NOT support line strings. If more than one string are entered into Revel and/or line strings are drawn for the Delivery area, an error will occur when trying to enter in a customer's Delivery address.






To resolve this, remove all GeoJson data from Revel. Then generate a new delivery area                using online tools such as It MUST be a polygon or it will not work.                  Then enter the new polygon string into Revel and refresh the POS stations and Online                    Ordering menu (if applicable).


Delivery Charge*: Located under Settings -> Basic POS Settings. It automatically applies a line item into the order for delivery charge.

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