Purchase Orders - QuickBooks Desktop

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


It is advised to create Purchase Orders in Revel. When Purchase Orders are created in Revel, they will push to QuickBooks Desktop the next day.

To create PO’s in Revel please see this guide;


By clicking View, this will open the details of the Revel PO.

Once a Purchase Order has been closed and Received in Revel the details of this PO will then push to QBDT the next day by creating a Bill.

Please make sure that Vendors are created in Revel. The PO that pushes from Revel to QBDT will then attach the Vendor name and Vendor details to the Bill that comes over.

For more information on creating Vendors in Revel, please see;



The Revel PO number will also push to QBDT in the Memo section of the Bill and the Tax, Product name, and other line items included in the PO will push over to QBDT in that Bill as well.

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