Creating Custom Shipping Table

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Update: As of 2.10+, creating custom shipping tables is no longer available for use. Please check Revel's integrated shipping partners such as UPS or Fedex. Contact Support for additional information.


The shipping feature allows a shipping price to be added to the order based on destination and weight. Revel currently integrates with a few third party vendors such as UPS and FedEx (coming soon) to help calculate shipping costs, generate labels and tracking numbers.

However a custom shipping table can be created for clients who choose not to use third party shipping integration. The custom shipping table will have pre-set costs associated with the destination and weight. Also, multiple services can be added to it, for example shipping a 10 pound case to California can use UPS Next Day or FedEx Overnight.


Export the Ship Rate Sheet

  1. Log into the Revel Management Console
  2. Select Settings -> Advanced -> Shipping Settings
  3. Enable “shipping”
  4. Set rate calculations to “Use Ship Rate Table”
  5. Select the “Import/Export” at the top right
  6. Hit “Export” to download the excel sheet


Creating the Ship Rate

Once the sheet is opened, input the values as followed:

  • Country: Enter the country code, ie US for United States
  • State: Enter the state code, ex CA for California
  • Not Used: Input “*”
  • Start Weight: Enter in the start weight for this option, ex 1
  • End Weight: Enter in the end weight for this option, ex 5
  • Shipping Charge: The amount charged for this weight and location, ex 10
  • Class of Service: The name of the available shipping option, ex FedEx 2-Day Shipping
  • Leave Ship Compliant Code and Zone blank. This is only needed for those who are using Ship Compliant for shipping alcohol.
  • Repeat each row for more weight options. If multiple services are available, create a duplicate row with the same country, state and weight but change the necessary fields such as Class of Service or Shipping Charge.

In this example, to ship to California US, it will cost $10 for any weights between 1 and 5 pounds using FedEx 2-Day Shipping. An extra row in the photo below shows a second option of FedEx Standard Shipping for $7.50 for the same destination and weight.


Import Ship Rate Sheet

Once the ship rate sheet is completed, import it into the system.

  1. Select “Import/Export” button on Shipping Settings
  2. Select “Browse” to search for the excel file
  3. Hit “Import” to complete. An email confirmation will be sent when the task is complete

Anytime a new sheet is imported, it will completely replace the current one. You can always pull the current sheet by selecting “Export”.


Revel Application

To create a shipping order, follow these instructions

  1. Log into Revel POS application
  2. Ring up the order for shipment
  3. Select “Ship” at the bottom
  4. Select all the products being shipped
  5. Input the required fields on the right. If a customer was attached to the order first, select the desired address of the customer.
  6. Enter in the weight (weights can be pre-programmed per product via product detail’s page)
  7. Select “Calculate Shipping Costs” to generate the list of eligible delivery options
  8. Select the desired shipping option then “Ship” to complete
  9. The cost of shipping will be added to the order

With custom ship rate tables, client will be responsible to charge the customer and ship the product to them. If client purchase online ordering, shipping orders can also be made on the online as well.








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