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Sales Summary:

Sales Summary will be pushed from Revel to QuickBooks Online daily as an invoice.

To view the Sales Summary Report in Revel, login to Revel URL and go to Reports > Sales Summary. Sales Summary can be filtered by Customer date/time range.

To see the Sales Summary in Quickbooks Online please login to QBO account and click on Transactions > Sales.

The Sales Summary will be found here as an Invoice from QBPOS Customer.

Class Mapping:

Customers now have the option to integrate product classes instead of Sales Summary!

For more information on this and for setup, please see Product Class Integration Guide.


Open Orders:

Revel will push open orders to QBO also from Revel to QBO. These will come over as part of the taxable or non-taxable sales in the Sales Summary Invoice for the day. This invoice will not view as Paid. 

The amount that is still outstanding on the Order in Revel for the day will show as the Balance Due. 

When the open order in Revel is closed and the payment is made, the payment will come over this QBO. At this time, customers will have to manually assign that payment to the previous open invoice to close it out.

Negative Sales Summary Balance:

If, by chance customers have a negative sales summary for the day (for example, no sales are made but a refund is processed) a Credit Memo will be created in QBO instead of an Invoice.

Cash Payments:

Cash and cash payments will come from Revel to QBO to the Cash on Hand Account.


Tips will be view as a line item on the Sales Summary invoice for the day. Tips will be be recorded as non-taxable items.

Location Tracking:

QBO can also be integrated with more than 1 establishment. To do this, Location Tracking must be enabled in QBO;

This also must be selected in Revel on Revel URL by going to Revel URL > Settings > QuickBooks > Setup QuickBooks Online > Check Location Tracking > Save.

To see how Refunds display in QBO;

To see how Gift Cards display in QBO;


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