How to add leading 0’s to existing barcodes

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


Login to the Revel URL and go to Products > Import/Export > Products.


Under Export Products, select Advanced > and in Additional Fields start typing “Reset Barcodes”.


Select Reset Barcodes, change the Auto Field drop down to “Neither” and click Export.


Open this spreadsheet in Excel.

In an empty column that has no heading, please add a 0 into a field and change the field to Text. To do this, under Number > click on the dropdown box and select “Text”.


Then Copy this field to all the rows below that need leading 0’s added to product barcodes.

 On this spreadsheet, in the field next to the 0’s, type =(select field with 0)&(select field with barcode).

 Then drag that field down to all the rows that need the leading 0’s added.



Cut and paste these fields into the “Reset Barcode” field.

Save this spreadsheet.

Go back to your Revel URL to Products > Import/Export > Products.

Under Import Products, select Import File and select the file that you saved.

Click Import and a message will appear saying that you will receive an email once the import is complete.

Please check your barcode numbers in product details to make sure that this process was successful.

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