Integrate QBDT for Existing Revel Customers - Quickbooks Desktop

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Click on Settings --> Quickbooks--> Setup Quickbooks Desktop Integration

Please save the configuration code provided as the user will need this in order to complete the QuickBooks integration in a later step.

Installing QBPOS Sync for QBDT

1. Download .exe as it appears on the browser. The size of the .exe is ~20MB so it should not take long to download. Click Next to start the installation process.

2. Users will be prompted to install QuickBooks POS Sync by Revel to the following folder. Click Next.

3. Confirm the installation by clicking Next.

4. Please wait while QuickBooks POS Sync by Revel is being installed.

5. Installation is complete. Click Close.

FTU Running QBDT Connection Wizard

This is the first screen that appears when users launch the sync program.  Enter the Configuration Code that was provided through Revel after QuickBooks integration was completed (red code that appears in Revel management console in previous steps).

This screen will appear if:

  • QB is not open
  • QB is open but no company file is open

By clicking Next, the screen will ask to confirm what company the user is connecting to.

If the user wants to connect to a different company file, then they must open another company before proceeding. Click Back to connect to a different company. 

This screen will appear if the user is NOT logged into the QBDT company file as the Admin user or the External accountant user.

Application certificate will pop up over “Start QuickBooks Now” screen once integration is completed.

Please note: There is a risk that the authorization dialog will occasionally pop up behind other apps. If an authorization dialog does not appear , please click on the QuickBooks icon in the taskbar. 

You should receive an application certificate. After allowing the QuickBooks Connection Wizard access, an access confirmation screen will pop up. 

“I want to connect to this company file” will be the default first choice.

If user selects option to connect to a different company file, the user will be taken back to the “Which company do you want to receive payments for?” screen. Then the user will be prompted to open a different company file and accept the certificate. 

 Congratulations! The QuickBooks company and Revel URL are now connected. Click Next.

 If the “Turn on Sales Tax in QuickBooks” screen appears, it means that the sales tax is not turned on in QB. The expectation of the integration is that the common sales tax will be turned on if the user is using QBDT to enter sales transactions that have sales tax.

Please follow this guide on how to create the tax in Revel:

Once the Tax is created in Revel, return to QuickBooks Connection Wizard and select Next. 

 Unless specified, the wizard will select the default sales tax item in Revel preferences.

 “Select the Accounts Receivable Account” screen will appear if there is more than one Accounts Receivable account on the Chart of Accounts (COA). The drop down list that appears is filtered for A/R accounts. The default selection is the first A/R Account on the COA. Click Next.

“Select an Account to Track Your Cash (in your Register)” screen will appear if there is 1 or more Bank Accounts on the Chart of Accounts. The drop down list is filtered for Bank accounts.

Account with “Cash” in the title will become default to “Create Cash in Drawer Account.”

“Create Cash in Drawer Account” is one of the items on the list. If it is selected then it will be added to QB.

This screen will appear if there is 1 or more Bank Accounts on the Chart of Accounts.

Drop down list is filtered for Bank accounts.

It will default to an account with “PayPal” in the name.

If there are none, it will default to “Create PayPal.”

“PayPal Payments” is one of the items on the list. If “PayPal Payments” is selected and is not on the COA then it will be created.


This screen will show if the user opted to NOT integrate Revel with QB Payments.

Screen will ask to Import Items from Revel. Click Next.

Please be patient while configuration is setting up.

Congratulations! Connection is complete.

After completion of going through the connection wizard, the main program window will show details of the connection.

Return to POS FTU Wizard

If the user clicks Next and the QBDT Connection Wizard was not completed, a pop up message will instruct user to complete the QBDT Connection Wizard Flow.

Screen shows that the Import is Complete! 

Please be aware that data will sync daily. All the POS activity for a day will appear in QuickBooks the next day. 

Important next steps to take in QuickBooks Point of Sale powered by Revel Systems:

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