Printing Sales Summary Based on Local Data

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When printing out sales reports from the Revel application, it generates the report from the data stored in the cloud. However, if the iPad is unable to send the orders to the cloud, then the sales summary report printed out will be inaccurate. Indication of unsynced orders is displayed on the bottom right of the login screen. The message  reads “XX amount of orders have failed to send to server”.

Please refer to this link on troubleshooting steps to get orders to push to the cloud.

However, for immediate reporting if orders are still not synced, sales reports can be generated from the local data stored on the iPad.


Printing Local Data

  1. Log in to Revel application under a managerial role
  2. Navigate to the Dashboard and select Reports
  3. Then tap Sales Report
  4. Turn on Local Data then select Generate
  5. A warning will appear indicating there are unsynced orders. This will appear, as long there are unsynced orders to the server. Select “Yes”
  6. Review the report and print as desired

Because the iPad is generating the report based on its’ local data, the sales report will have certain information missing as that information can only be retrieved from the cloud. Fiscal reports also will not account for any refund amounts. 

Note: If running a syncing environment, running the local report is only needed on the main iPad. If running non-syncing iPads, the report needs to be run on each station to pull a report.



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