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By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


It is advised to create Vendors in Revel.

To create a Vendor in Revel, login to the URL and go to Inventory > Vendors.

Vendors can be imported/exported from an excel spreadsheet or can be added by selecting Create Vendor.

Please make sure to add all the necessary fields (*) and click Save.

When Vendors are created in Revel, they will push to QBDT in initial sync only.

In the menu on the left hand side of QBDT, click on Vendors when logged into the QBDT Company.

Vendors are synced over from Revel by the Vendor name in initial sync only. If there are duplicate Vendor names in Revel, the Revel Vendor Number will be added to the end of the Vendor name when it is transferred to QBDT to decipher the two apart.


If there are duplicate names in Revel Vendors, it will appear as VendorName_###, as seen in CA (300 in Revel) and CA_303 (303 in Revel) in QBDT as seen above.

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