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The Customer Relationships Management (CRM) Export & Import function gives users the ability to easily view, edit, or upload change to their entire customer database. New Customers can also be easily created via the Import function. 

Importing New Customers

For importing new customers, Revel recommends using an empty CRM template to avoid customer duplications. 

  1. In the management console, select the CRM tab.

  2. Next, select the Export/ Import tool. Under Export Customer, select Empty Template and click Export. 

  3. On the Excel sheet, fill in the basic information for new customers. Below are the mandatory fields that must be entered for new customers.
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Country: Enter Country Abbreviation in capital letters (e.g. US, CAD, UK) 
    • State: Enter State Abbreviation in capital letters (CA, AK, NY)
    • Primary Billing: Yes or No
    • Primary Shipping: Yes or No
    • Active: Yes or No 

  4. For new customers, leave the ID and Address ID field blank. Once finished, save the file and import the Excel sheet into the CRM Import page. 


Make Changes to Existing CRM

By using the CRM Export/Import tool, you can easily make quick updates to your CRM database. 

  1. Navigate to the CRM Export/Import page.
  2. Under Export Customers, select the export type as Basic. 

  3. Update the desired fields in the spreadsheet.  Please note that existing customers will have an ID and address ID attached to their name. Do not modify this field, as doing so will create duplicate customers. 

  4. Save the spreadsheet and use the Export/Import tool to upload the file into the Management Console. 

Looking to download a specific customer's purchase record? See our article Exporting Customers' Items From the CRM for more!

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