Setting up Email via SMTP with Revel Systems

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Setting up SMTP for Revel Systems



Clients need to set up their own email address in order to send email receipts, invoices, and employee schedules. This way, when emails go to customers, it will come from the client's email.

The setting to configured can be found under Settings -> Email Address -> Default Email Settings


Setting up

In the Revel Management Console, clients need to enter the following information to set up their email address under Settings. Check the port marked bellow to make sure they are correct to the mail provider customer wants to use. 

SMTP Server: Enter in the SMTP for the provider (ex., SSL, 465)
SMTP Port: Default port 25, 465, 587, 995
TLS: Check this if using port 465, 587 or 995

Account: the Email address (ex.
Password: enter in the password for the email. 


A list of the SMPT for common email providers:

  • Gmail:
  • Outlook(Hotmail):
  • Yahoo:
  • AOL:
  • AT&T:
  • iCloud E-mail :


Contact the email provider to find out the SMTP server.


If running into errors, make sure to select the proper port number (25, 465, 587) and security protocol (TLS). Here are some common errors and experiences :

  • Gmail: Visit for additional help if setting up with Gmail.
  • iCloud E-mail : Use TLS and port 587


Please note: If you change your email password in your email account, you must update the password in the Revel Management Console as well. 



Please make sure that there is a valid email address in the "From" field. The emails will NOT send if there is anything other than a valid email address in this field.

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