Moving Products to Different Categories/Subcategories

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Every product belongs within a subcategory within a category. If for any reason an item needs to move to another subcategory, it can be achieved in multiple ways either via the Management Console, Item Manage Mode, or Excel sheet.

Moving via Management Console

Moving a product to any different subcategory is simple through the product’s detail page. It is effective when moving one or few items across.

  1. Enter the Product Menu page under Products -> Products in the Management Console
  2. Select the Product Details button on the right for the desired product
  3. Check on “Main category” under Display/Print Options on the left side to reveal the setting
  4. On the right, select “Main category” and choose the destination category/subcategory
  5. Hit Save

Make sure to refresh the Revel application after saving so the item will be under its new area.


Moving via Item Manage Mode

Products can be moved to different categories on the Revel application directly with the Item Manage Mode feature. Click here to learn more.


Moving via Excel Sheet

When adjusting numerous amounts of items, the best way to move them all at once is via Excel sheet. Please refer to this article for important rules and tips when using the Excel file.

  1. Enter the Import/Export page for the Products under Products -> Import/Export -> Products.
  2. Export type can remain on “Basic”, select “Export” to export the Excel file
  3. Find the desired products to change
  4. Modify the “Product Category” and “Product Subcategory” to the desired destination
    1. It is important to follow the tips and rules, such as every product must have a barcode before exporting the sheet
  5. Save the Excel file once completed
  6. Under the same page in the Management Console, select “Browse” to upload the Excel file
  7. Hit “Import” to complete

An email will be sent out to the logged-in user with the results of the upload.




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