Manually Creating Daily Sales Invoice in QBO

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


Revel does not send historical data to QBO prior to initial integration. If there is sales data that is needed in QBO but has not come over automatically from Revel, please follow these steps to reconcile;

Go to Revel Url > Reports > Sales Summary and Search for the specific date needed. Ensure that the start the day matches that of Reporting time (Settings > Reports > Day start) to capture full day of information (this time should automatically come up when entering the dates).

Take note of: Taxable Sales, Non-Taxable Sales, Taxable Services Fees, Non-Taxable Service Fees, Item Discounts, Order Discounts, and Sales Tax.

Login to QBO account. Go to Transactions > Sales > New Transaction > Invoice.

Create an invoice with the previous information. Make sure to change the invoice date and put a check mark on Tax for taxable sales. This will allow customers to enter a sales tax amount. Also, always double check sales tax is correct as it may change throughout the process. It is recommended to do this last before saving the invoice.

Please look at the payments received on Revel Url.

Create individual Payment Records for payments in QBO. In QBO go to Transactions > Sales > New Transaction > Payment.

Please ensure that Payments are attached to correct Invoice that was created in QBO previously.

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