Updating QuickBooks Desktop Sync Application

By Amelia Dwyer


We have rebranded and renamed our Sync app for Revel POS and QuickBooks Desktop Integration along with the 2.31 Revel Management Console release!

To ensure everyone is updating their sync apps to the latest version, you will receive a prompt on your Revel POS and QuickBooks Desktop Sync Application asking you to upgrade it. The sync of data will be paused until this update is complete.



List setup steps here as a numbered list:

  1. You should receive an alert to update on your Sync Application saying “Sync application requires an update”.
  2. On your computer, go to Start > Control Panel > Uninstall a Program.
  3. Select "Quickbooks POS Sync by Revel".
  4. Click Uninstall.
  5. Click back to your Revel Management Console window Settings > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Desktop Integration.
  6. Download the new application using the link provided on your Revel Management Console (Download Updated Installer)
  7. Follow the steps to complete the download and install the program.1.png
  8. After installation of the new Sync App version, during the first sync if you see following screen, please complete the following steps.2.png
  9. You will need to launch QuickBooks Desktop. Open the company file, login as a single user > admin.
  10. Click connect on the new sync app.
  11. After you click on connect, you will see following screen. If this screen does not pop-up automatically, click ctrl + S on your keyboard. 3.png
  12. Click Yes and Continue.
  13. The connection between Revel and QuickBooks Desktop is complete and the sync should run as usual. 


The sync app will send data from Revel to QuickBooks Desktop Daily. You must have your QBDT Company file and Sync App open and also be connected to internet for the sync to send data correctly. 

The sync application will send that data automatically each day. You may want to confirm if the sync has happened. To do so, simply open the sync application and check the 'status'. This will show as updated or completed if sync has gone through and will provide the most recent date that was synced. Here's an article on How to Confirm if Sync Occurred

For more details on using our QuickBooks Desktop and Revel POS Sync Application, please see here - Revel POS to QuickBooks Desktop Sync App.  

Important Notes

  • You must uninstall the old sync app prior to installing the updated version.
  • The sync app should only be downloaded from your Revel Management Console and no other file should be used.

For general How-To's and FAQs regarding QuickBooks Desktop integration, please see here - Quickbooks Desktop Integration.

If you receive any error messages throughout your time using the integration, please see some common errors and fixes here - Troubleshooting Guides for QuickBooks Desktop

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