Intuit Payments Pre-authorization Requirements

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To comply with Visa and MasterCard fraud prevention requirements, Intuit Payments changed their rules for processing pre-authorized credit cards on Feb. 23, 2016:

Beginning February 23, 2016 Intuit Payments will not allow an authorization capture greater than 150% of the initial authorization. This change is to align with evolving fraud prevention requirements and Visa and MasterCard card brand rules.

Merchants attempting to capture amounts greater than 150% of the initial authorization will see some or all of the following messaging in their software:

  • Error Message: "The request to process this transaction has been declined".
  • More Info: "This capture transaction could not be processed because it has exceeded the allowed authorization to capture amount difference."
  • Error Type: "transaction_declined"
  • Error Codes: "PMT-5000" "400" "404"

There may be some other variations of the errors above. Verify the initial authorization amount against the final capture amount if you suspect the message is related.

(Note that this change only affects Revel Table Service and Quick-Service Restaurant customers.)

Changing the Pre-Authorization Amount

The pre-authorization amount is set in the Revel Management Console ([yoursubdomain] You can find it at Settings > Table Service Settings > Pre-authorization:

As you consider the pre-authorization amount to use, remember that you can only capture 150% of the pre-authorized amount, unless the transaction total is less than $100. Intuit recommends:

  1. Pre-authorize for an estimate of the final amount of the sale (possibly use the average ticket).
  2. Don’t pre-authorize up front. Keep the order open and get the card from the customer when closing the sale.

Additional Information

For additional information about this policy, please see Intuit's support site.

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