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Welcome to Revel! As part of your purchase, you'll receive white-glove setup assistance from a friendly, knowledgable Onboarding Concierge. Your Concierge will be in touch soon, but you can also give us a call at +1 (415) 744-1433 to get the ball rolling.

We encourage you to refer to the information in this Getting Started section as you're guided through the process. You can also check back later for a quick brush-up!

After you log in to your iPad POS and set Tills, your Onboarding Concierge will take you for a spin around the front-end Settings menu.

You can use this page to follow along or brush up later on.

Accessing Front-End Settings

To access front-end settings (as opposed to the "back-office" Management Console options you saw earlier), just click the gear icon to the right of the Revel Systems logo:

You'll see a drop-down menu with the following options:

  • Manager
  • Sales Summary
  • Tills
  • Printers
  • Gift Cards/Reward Cards
  • Clock In/Clock Out
  • Log Out

We'll walk through these options in the sections below.

Manager Settings

If you click Manager in the drop-down menu mentioned above, you'll be taken to a sub-menu with these options:

  • Financials: Click this option to check quick, printable reports on purchases by payment type (remember that more detailed reports are available in the Management Console).
  • Time Management: This section shows when employees clocked in and out.
  • Declined Payments: See the day's declined payments.
  • Offline Payments: See the day's offline payments.
  • Lock: Use this section to restrict certain employees to individual POS terminals. (Note that employees with Owner or Manager permissions can always log in to any terminal, and that chefs cannot log in at all.)
  • POS Settings: From this section, you can allow employees to set tills and cash drawers, disable offline credit card payments, enable Test Mode, and more.
  • Troubleshoot Mode: In the event you need to contact Support, you can use Troubleshoot Mode—enabled here—to upload logs to our servers. These logs will help Support help you better!
  • Manage Item Mode: While it's faster to build your menu/product list in the Management Console (or better yet, import it), you can use Manage Item Mode to make quick changes straight from the iPad.
  • Inventory: Ditto for inventory. This section is fine for quick additions, but we recommend tracking inventory via the Management Console (Inventory tab).
  • Incoming Calls: Use this section to review the day's calls.
  • Photo Edit Mode: This button enables/disables Photo Edit Mode, a quick way to add product photos straight from your iPad's camera. More information
  • Sync Log: This section will assist Revel Support in resolving iPad-server sync problems.

After you're done poking through the Manager Settings, click Done to exit.

Sales Summary

Next up in the iPad app's settings menu is the Sales Summary. This is just a lightweight version of the Sales Summary report available on the Management Console's Reports tab. More information


For information about Tills, click here.


The Printers section here can be used to redirect receipt or label printing from your default printer to a different one.

You can also use the section to quickly adjust printed font sizes.

Gift Cards/Reward Cards

From these sections, you can create and manage gift and reward cards. For more information, ask your Onboarding Concierge or see our gift card guide.

Clock In/Clock Out

Employees can use this section to clock in or out (begin or end a shift).

Log Out

An employee can tap Log Out to lock the iPad screen without ending her shift.

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