Pairing Tyro Terminal to POS

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In this guide we will pair your Tyro Eftpos Terminal to the Revel Point of Sale.


First step is to login using a Manager Pin.


Next is to go to Settings in the top right corner, and then tap on Manager :



Then tap on Tyro Configuration and "I know what I'm doing" :



This will bring you to this page below where we need to put in the Merchant ID and Terminal ID of the Tyro Terminal. To find these, we can go onto the next steps on the Tyro Terminal.



On the Tyro Terminal, press the Menu button. It may prompt you for an admin password here if you're moving from Pay@Table integration, to Standard Integration.



Then go to Configuration, it will prompt you for an admin password. If you do not have the admin password, then you will need to speak with a Manager or the Owner to get it. Otherwise, you may need to call Tyro and reset the device.

Once you've inputted the admin password, then you need to Select Integration Mode. Make sure Integrated is selected.

Now it's time to "Pair with POS" 

You will see the screen below which will give you the Merchant ID and Terminal ID that you need to put into the Revel POS on the screen you left the POS on. Once you put in the details into Revel, tap on "Authorise" first then tap on "Start" on the Tyro Terminal.


You should now see a message on the Tyro Terminal saying "Pairing Successful"

If you did not get this message, you may need to "Clear Pairings" first before pairing with the POS. 


If you're still having issues, ensure that the Tyro Terminal and Revel are connected to the Internet. If you're still having issues, please contact Revel Support on 1300 805 730.

Alternatively, if you're having issues with the Tyro Terminal connecting to the Internet, please contact Tyro directly. You can find their contact information at


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