Pairing Tyro Terminal to POS

By Yatmund | Updated


Tyro Standard Integration:

On your Point of Sale, follow these steps to connect your Tyro terminal with Revel:

  1. Log into the Point of Sale with a Manager PIN.
  2. Go to Settings then Tyro Integration.
  3. Select the terminal type (Xenta, Xentissimo, Yoximo, Yomani, etc.).
  4. On the Tyro terminal, tap Menu, then Configuration (requires Admin PIN 8520 for Tyro):
  5. Select Integrated EFTPOS, Standard Integration then Pair with POS:
  6. On Revel Point of Sale, enter Merchant ID (MID) and Terminal ID (TID) as per the Tyro Terminal and tap Authenticate.
  7. On the Tyro Terminal, tap Pair (or Retry if you have already attempted to Pair):
  8. Revel Point of Sale should then display Pairing Successful.
  9. Tap Dismiss.


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