Can I accept different currencies?

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Yes! Here's how:

Currency Conversion Guide

Revel POS allows taking cash transactions in multiple currencies. You can have up to 3 currencies in addition to the default currency.

Currency settings are located under Settings - Payments. To enable currency conversion, you need to check "Enable currency conversion" under "Currency Converter Settings".

You then add and configure the additional currencies:

Name - currency name

Symbol - currency symbol

Rate - exchange rate between the additional currency and the default currency

Bills - currency bills




How to take payments in multiple currencies


You make an order and hit the Pay button. On the top right corner you will see you available currencies. Tapping a currency there will let you know how much your product costs in the additional currency.



*Note that if you are tracking tills, this will need to enter amounts of each currency in the till.

*Currency needs to be updated manually based on desired exchange rate.

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