Setting up Administrator Permissions

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Administrator Permissions are necessary for any employee that will be accessing the Management Console ([yoursubdomain] This could be your owners, managers, accountants and any other employees responsible for inputting or viewing data in the Management Console. Setting up Administrator Permissions is a 2-step process. First, you'll create the Administrator Permission Sets and then you'll assign those sets to specific employees.


Creating an Administrator Permission Set

Your Management Console will have some default administrator permissions sets. You can use the included sets or create brand new ones that include specific permissions. The All Permissions set is generally assigned to owners and managers. This will grant the user access to view and edit every tab in the Management Console. To create a new Administrator Set:

  1. In the Management Console, click the Employees tab and then click Permissions from the left. In the Permissions page, click the Management Console Permissions button.
  2. Click the + Add button and then Add New Administrator Permission Set from the drop-down:

  3. In the Permission Set Name field, enter the name of your set. Click Save in the top right corner:

  4. Next, from the left side menu, check all Management Console tabs this set will grant permission. From the right side, you can grant the amount of access and specific function the set grants permission. The book icon grants read only permission, the pencil icon grants editing permission, and the plus icon grants permission to add new data. The key icon is only used for EMS access. If there is a specific field that you want to prohibit access to in the set, make sure the no icon is highlighted for that area. For instance, you may want to prohibit access to wage details or other sensitive information.
  5. Once you have selected all applicable permissions, click the Save button to save your changes:

Assigning Administrator Permission Sets

After you have created your permission sets, the next step is to assign them to specific employees. To assign a permission set to an employee:

  1. In the Management Console, click the Employees tab.
  2. Next, locate a specific employee and click the pencil icon to the far right of the employee's name:

  3. Scroll to the Administrative Permissions section.  Create a username for the employee. This is the username they will use to login to your Revel URL. The username needs to be unique for each employee and it is case sensitive, so if it contains a capital letter, the username will need to be capitalized upon every login.
  4. Next, enter the employee's email address.
  5. Check the EMS Access box if you have multiple establishments and would like the employee to have EMS management capabilities.
  6. Create a password for the employee. This is the password they'll enter every time they log into the Management Console.  
  7. When you have filled out all fields, click Save.
  8. After saving, the screen will take you back to the main Employees page. From here, click the action icon for the same employee.
  9. Navigate back to the Administrative Permissions section and choose Manage Establishment Access:
  10. Depending on how many establishments that you have and want to grant access for this particular employee, follow one of the steps below:
    1. For single locations, click the Administrator Permissions drop-down box. Select the correct set for the employee. The Update Access box will automatically check when a set is added or changed:

    2. For multiple locations using EMS: If you have multiple establishments and want to grant permission to this employee for multiple locations, you will need to navigate to the global level of your account. To do so, click the existing establishment name at the top. Once you do, a window will open on the left showing all your establishments. Choose the top folder for your Global EMS Folder: 
      Once on the global level, navigate to Employees (if not already there) and click the action/pencil icon next to the employee you'd like to manage. Scroll down to the Administrative Permissions section and choose the Manage Establishment Access option:ManageEst.jpg

      Next, you'll see all establishments listed with your Administrator Permissions in a dropdown. Select the appropriate permission and check the Update Access checkbox to assign that permission for a particular or multiple establishments. If the permissions are different across establishments, you will need to save the page after your first selection, then choose the next permission set for the next location and so on: 
      NOTE: If you do not see your desired location listed, click on the +Add Establishment Option. This will open a window for you to select other establishments to copy the employee. Use the checkboxes to select the desired locations and Save. Once you save, these locations will show in the Administrative Permissions list for you to select their level of access:

  11. Click Save. Once the changes are complete, you'll see a Saved Successfully! notification appear in a green bar.
  12. Lastly, be sure to give your administrators their login and password information so they can login and use the Management Console. 

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