Do not delete or update the Revel app until payments are batched out!

As of October 17, 2016, clients with versions lower than 2.10.4 are experiencing issues opening their Revel POS Application (POS is no longer available error OR the App will briefly open then immediately close).

*If immediate assistance is needed, then install the App Store version alongside the expired version. We MUST go back at the end of business day and walk through the process of retrieving the expired app's databases.

When you attempt to open the app are you getting "POS is no longer available" error? If so please follow from Step 1. You may need to batch out existing payments.


1. On your iPad's Settings, go to General, then Date & Time.

2. Under Date & Time, toggle the Set Automatically setting. This should allow you to edit your iPad's time.

3. ROLL BACK THE CLOCK - Roll back the time to an HOUR before they began to experience the lock out of the iPad and attempt to open the Revel app (note: if this does not work, try increasing the rollback time. Try one hour, if it doesnt work try two hours, etc. At times you may need to try rolling back in larger periods of time: 6hrs, 12hrs, 24hrs or even 1 day, 2 days, 3 days, etc. We have to be careful not to set the clock back too much here as Reporting may get skewed.)

4. Open the older POS application and send in your database by pressing 911912 then Login on the PIN login screen. This will send a copy of any orders or batches in the POS for possible recovery. This may take 5-10min each station, however, please complete for all of your POS stations. Our Support agents will check to see that we have received the Database.

5. Batch out by going to Settings of the app > Manager>Batch Process > enter your tips > Capture All.

6. Double check all Offline Order or Offline Payments. These will need to be pushed and sent to your payment gateway and your Revel Dashboard, or they will be left unpaid and will not be deposited to your account.

7. Go to the Login screen of each iPad POS station. At the bottom left corner of the screen, if a message is showing, please confirm that it mentions ALL payments and ALL orders have been synced/sent to server. If the message shows a number of payments or orders not sent to the server, please call into our Support line immediately at 415-744-1433 ext. 2 to have an agent assist.

8. Check the Management Console by going to Reports > Payment History > Select this week as the time period > Make sure that all Credit payments are showing as "Captured". If not, please call Support immediately at 415-744-1433 ext. 2 to have an agent assist.

9. Re-enable the Set Time Automatically setting that was changed in Step 2.  Please make sure that the time has reverted back to the actual time.

10. Upgrading to iOS 9.3.2 is fine, however when iOS10 is released follow these steps until we officially announce that iOS10 is ok to install: Best practices on managing iOS upgrades on your Revel iPad POS

11. Please DO NOT delete the old POS application. Keep the old app on the iPad for now just in case information needs to be retrieved from it.

In order to use our application from the Apple Store, iPads must be on iOS 8 or above. Revel only Supports the current and one previous iOS version. Since iOS9 is the current version, we do support iOS 8 as well.

Click here for iOS upgrade instructions.

After you've updated iOS, please carefully follow the guidelines below to download the latest version of Revel POS:

12. Do not modify or change your affected POS application. Any Revel Systems POS that has not been upgraded since version 1525_6 (or ~6 months ago) are currently experiencing this issue. 

13. Open the iPad's App Store and search for "Revel POS". Multiple Revel Applications will be available for download; select and install the one simply labeled "Revel POS":

14. If the iPad will require an Apple ID to download and install the POS application, please follow Apple's on-screen instructions to create a new Apple ID or use an existing Apple ID.

(Please note, we do not recommend changing the Apple ID attached to the POS iPad. Also, an Apple ID can be used up to a maximum of 10 devices.)

15. Please install the our new security application available for download in the Apple App Store, Revel Backup:

Revel Backup allows you to save information from your new Revel POS in case of technical issues.

After uninstalling your older Revel POS application, please take the time to download Revel Backup from the App Store

16. If the POS requests to Re-sync the Application, please press "Yes". If request to re-sync app is not asked then continue on.

17. Once the POS application is installed and opened, you'll be asked to provision the app by signing in.

  • Are you a user with backend permission? All you will need is your login and password that you use to login into the Management Console. If so, please tap on Sign In on the bottom of the screen. On the next screen it will ask for you URL, Login, and Password. After you fill that our please tap on enter and your app will ask you to select an Establishment and it will ask if your establishment is correct and press yes to confirm. The configuration will download. It will them ask you to select a station and then press ok. Installation will be complete.

  • If you are not a user with Management Console permission please call our support line at 415-744-1433 ext. 2 to have an agent provide you a provisional pin and walk you thru the installation process.

18. Moving forward, please use the updated POS application that you have downloaded from the Apple App Store.

19. Should you have any further questions, please contact our Support line at 415-744-1433 ext. 2 to have an agent provide assistance.

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