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Welcome to Revel! As part of your purchase, you'll receive white-glove setup assistance from a friendly, knowledgable Onboarding Concierge. Your Concierge will be in touch soon, but you can also give us a call at +1 (415) 744-1433 to get the ball rolling.

We encourage you to refer to the information in this Getting Started section as you're guided through the process. You can also check back later for a quick brush-up!

For speedier onboarding, you can prepare a menu/product list in Excel form prior to your Management Console/Back-Office Setup call. More information

Categories, Subcategories, and Products

Revel offers a three-tiered system to organize and manage your business's products or services in the Back-Office Management Console ([yoursubdomain]

  • Product Categories
  • Product Subcategories
  • Products

Product Categories should be as general as possible—Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner, for example.

Product Subcategories group individual products/services in divisions of top-level categories. A restaurant with a Breakfast Category might use Omelets, Pancakes, and Sides as Subcategories.

Last come Products: These are the individual items or services customers purchase.

This three-tiered system works with any type of establishment. If you run a retail business, for example, your product list might look something like this:

  • Product Categories:
    • Women's Clothing
    • Men's Clothing
    • Kids' Clothing
    • Sale
  • Product Subcategories:
    • Denim
    • Outerwear
    • Shoes
    • Accessories
  • Products:
    • "Hipster Hips" Skinny Jeans
    • "Seattle Skies" Raincoat
    • "Bubbly Baubles" Silver Bracelet

Your wine shop might have an offering along these lines:

  • Product Categories:
    • Californian Wines
    • French Wines
    • German Wines
    • Accessories
  • Product Subcategories:
    • Zinfandels
    • Champagne
    • Rieslings
    • Glasses
    • Decanters
  • Products:
    • 2006 "Vino Veritas" Zinfandel
    • 1998 "Krug" Blanc de Noir Champagne
    • "Gilded Excellence" Crystal Decanter

Your Onboarding Concierge will help you set up your menu/product list, and you can also refer to this guide for help and helpful hints!

Remember that you have a lot of flexibility in adding products/services to the Management Console—the information above simply reflects how many customers choose to structure their menus/product lists.


Your Onboarding Concierge will also introduce you to Modifiers, a versatile tool that gives you maximum flexibility to build your product/service list.

With Modifiers, you can:

  • Add items to the original Product (e.g., sides to an entrée).
  • Provide variations of the Product (e.g., white vs. wheat bread; 8 oz. vs. 12 oz.).
  • Include kitchen instructions for item preparation (e.g., raw, medium, well-done).

To read more about Modifiers, click here.


Combos allow a combination of different Products to be rung up at a set price.

The Combo's component Products need to be added in the Management Console. After that, the Combo item becomes a Product itself with a set price.

To add Combos to your menu/product list, see these instructions or ask your Onboarding Concierge for assistance.

Ingredients and Recipes

Revel goes deeper than other point-of-sale systems to bring you granular inventory tracking. By adding Ingredients and Recipes to the Management Console, you can sell a sandwich and see our system subtract precise amounts of cheese, meat, bread, or other ingredients from your inventory.

You’re not limited to food ingredients either—you can add bags, utensils, boxes, and more as ingredients and add them to your "recipes" for specific products.

To learn more about Ingredients and Recipes before or after your onboarding call on the subject, visit this page.

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