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Welcome to Revel! As part of your purchase, you'll receive white-glove setup assistance from a friendly, knowledgable Onboarding Concierge. Your Concierge will be in touch soon, but you can also give us a call at +1 (415) 744-1433 to get the ball rolling.

We encourage you to refer to the information in this Getting Started section as you're guided through the process. You can also check back later for a quick brush-up!

You may have been wondering when you'd start with the iPad part of your new iPad point-of-sale system, but wonder no more—that time is now!

Setting Tills

Chances are—if your business takes cash—the first thing you or your employees will do at the start of business is to set Tills.

Tills are used to reconcile start-of-business and close-of-business cash at individual POS stations/cash drawers. Tills keep a record of every cash transaction processed at that station, and can also be used to log pay-ins, pay-outs, and bank drops. Plus—if you have a coin dispenser—they'll adjust accordingly!

Your Onboarding Concierge will teach you how to set Tills at the beginning and end of the day; you can also click here to read Help Site documentation on the topic.

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