Tills: Checkout Summary

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A till's Checkout Summary includes the following information:

  • Total Starting Cash: What you declared at the beginning of the day.
  • Pay Ins: The sum total of pay ins.
  • Pay Outs: The sum total of your pay outs. Businesses often use this for paying tips to their employees.
  • Safe Drop: The sum total of any safe drops made.
  • Cash Transactions: The sum of all cash payments and refunds processed on this station since the till was opened.
  • Coins Dispensed: If you have a coin dispenser, the till knows that coin change comes from it, not the till itself, and so keeps a tally of the amount of coins dispensed.
  • Expected Cash in Till: Starting Cash Minus + Cash Transactions + Coins Dispensed + Pay Ins – Pay Outs – Safe Drops. This is what you should have in the till if all the money was handled correctly and pay ins and pay outs were properly logged.
  • Total Ending Cash: This is the amount you declared that you actually have.
  • Variance: The difference between Expected and Actual ending cash. This number tells you how much you are over or under the expected ending cash total. If the variance is negative, you have less cash than expected. If the variance is positive, you have more cash than expected.

You can print this checkout summary for your records by tapping Print Summary. You can also get a longer report (which includes each cash transaction) by tapping Print Log.

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