Product List Guide (Retail)

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A product is an item which is sold at the point of sale. Products exist within the last level of the Category, Subcategory, Product hierarchy. Products have a wide variety of parameters that can be customized into the best solution for your business. Categories and subcategories are used to visually organize a product list on the management console and on the POS.

Note: the Management Console must be configured before you can use the iPad POS. For Management Console setup assistance, visit Revel University

  1. To add a new product, you will begin in the Products tab in the Management Console.
  2. Before creating a product, you will first have to create a category and subcategory. Once again, a Category is a high level of organization. Many businesses use their department as a category. A Subcategory is a deeper level of categorization. For example, if your category was Clothing, your subcategory might be Sweaters, Tops, Pants... To add a category and subcategory name, click Add Category then Add Subcategory .
  3. After you added your Category and Subcategory, click Add Product and type in your item name.

  4. Then click the Save icon on the upper left corner.
  5. You can create multiple Subcategories and Products to fall under a singular Category. You also have the option to create multiple categories for you business as well.

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