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Revel Systems is proud to announce the release of Revel 2.13, which contains new features including a new Table Service button configuration, the ability to use Products as Ingredients and a VeriFone integration.

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New Features (Selection)

  • Products are now available to be used as Ingredients in Recipes. Inventory will be affected via direct sale of the Product and by use through a Recipe.
  • For table service configurations, the buttons have been modified on the POS Table Layout screen, in order to provide better ease and efficiency of use.
  • The Alert On Price Change option has been added to the Settings > Advanced POS Settings page. Users can input a specific day and time to send an alert to the POS.

(For a complete list of new features in this release, click Download Release Notes above.)

Management Console Bug Fixes (Selection)

  • Fixed issue causing Employee Sales Report to be received at a non-scheduled time.
  • Can now copy establishments that are synced to QBO without employee names being changed.
  • Establishments now copy correctly and in a timely manner.

(For a complete list of Management Console bug fixes in this release, click Download Release Notes above.)

Revel iPad App Bug Fixes (Selection)

  • Restored support for gift cards with letters.
  • Resolved freezing issue with Caller ID.
  • Provisioning an iPad through a sign-in operates identically to PIN provisioning.

(For a complete list of iPad-app bug fixes in this release, click Download Release Notes above.)

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