QuickBooks Online Mapping and Modules

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Sales – Required.

We have not tested integration without Sales therefor do not recommend not selecting. 

This will send all Daily Sales from Sales Summary in Revel to QBO.

Payment Reconciliation – Recommended for customers using Intuit Payments only.

This will send every payment separately to QBO. This will also auto reconcile customers accounts from undeposited funds to Checking Account. 

Payroll – Customers must have payroll integration with QBO for this feature. This will send Times Worked to Payroll in QBO.

Inventory – Selecting this will send Purchase Orders and Inventory Cost of Goods to QBO Daily. No Quantity on Hand or inventory lists will sync.

Payout – Selecting this will send Payouts to QBO daily.

Location Tracking – Recommended.

This must be turned on on QBO first and will show the establishment name on each entry that is sent to QBO.

For steps to enable please see Enable Location Tracking.

Summary – This will send Summary level sales data to QBO daily (similarly as seen in Sales Summary Report in Revel).

Summary by Product Classes – This will send Product Classes as well as Summary Level sales data to QBO daily.

Summary by Product - This will send Product names as line items as well as Summary Level sales data to QBO daily.



To see completed mapping go to Integration on Revel URL and Select;

Advanced View Mode

These can be customized, however only to what the system will allow.

The integration is designed to only allow customers to change accounts to those that make accounting sense and no others.

Customers should click the drop down box, select the account and save. Customers cannot change these to any account that is not available in those drop downs.

Customers should NOT delete any accounts or items created in QBO from Revel.

Accounts on the Left are Revel accounts.

Accounts on the Right are QBO accounts.

If a line item in list mapping shows as ‘Create in QBO’, customer must select an account and save.

If customer sees a long list of products but not an appropriate account, they may have their products set up in QBO.

If this happens, please contact Support.

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