EMS Establishment Hierarchy Tree

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Revel version 2.16 features a new Establishment Hierarchy Tree to help administrators separate brands, regions, franchises, and individual locations—while easily navigating data and settings.


In a multi-brand company, corporate administrators require different levels of access and control over the configuration of the system. The new Establishment Hierarchy Tree allows them to see data across levels at large, but also allows them to dive into more granular settings, such as settings on Kitchen Display Systems and Kiosks for a particular establishment group. Ultimately, this leads to increased visibility for managers and greater control over the enterprise.

Using the Tree

Brands and establishments are now displayed in a hierarchical structure in the Management Console. A blue icon has been added to the left side of all Management Console screens. Clicking on the tab displays the Establishment Tree, shown below:

Users can also click the Establishment(s) field in the upper blue bar to access the Hierarchy Tree.

Clicking on the + icon will expose all establishments under that division or group. Clicking on an establishment will select that establishment. Clicking a division or a company enables EMS mode for all establishments under that division.

Clicking the Expand All button at the top-right-hand corner of the window will open all division and group folders to show all establishments within them. Clicking the Collapse All button will close all folders down to the main divisional folder and the Groups folder.

Users with the appropriate administrative permissions will be able to perform actions like:

  • Move establishments in the tree to different nested positions, both within groups and divisions
  • Change the name of establishments
  • Right-click (secondary-click) on a division, displaying a menu that allows them to rename the division, add a new division, or delete the division
  • Right-/secondary-click an establishment to rename that establishment, duplicate it, set that establishment as the base establishment when in EMS mode, or deactivate that establishment

Be sure to click Save to lock in any changes.

Steps to change an establishment's name:

1. Open the Establishment tree (select the Establishment name to expand the Tree)
2. Right-click (secondary-click) on the desired Establishment name
3. Select Rename

4. Enter the desired name and press Enter on the keyboard
5. Select Save to confirm the change

Any preexisting establishment groups have been migrated to the Groups section of the tree. Users can also create other groups to help them manage their enterprise. Groups have only two layers, meaning that groups cannot be nested under other groups, only establishments can. Right clicking the Groups folder allows users with the appropriate permissions to create a new group. Clicking a group enables EMS mode for all establishments under that group.

Once in EMS mode, hovering the cursor over the selected division in the Establishment(s) field will display a list of all the establishments under that division, shown below:

This functionality is also supported for the single establishment view.

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