Quickbooks Updates in Revel Version 2.16

By Mark


To access Quickbooks settings in Revel Version 2.16, first switch to Classic View in the Settings tab:

After that, you can access Quickbooks settings by clicking Quickbooks in the left-side menu.

Revel Version 2.16 brought big changes to the Quickbooks integrations:

  • All fields associated with Items, Customers, and Vendors on the Quickbooks POS are now included during migration, in order to capture a more complete representation of each type.
  • The label has been updated for Summary + integration. Summary + is now selected by default. Tips for Payment Reconciliation and Summary + have been added.
  • Customer sync is now supported in the integration wizard for Summary Plus integrations with Quickbooks Online. 
  • To improve our integration with Intuit, all gift card sales and gift cards applied invoices and credit memos are sent as non-taxable.
  • Online settings for new integrations will have Summary Plus selected as default. Tips have been added for Payment Reconciliation and Summary Plus.
  • The Summary Plus By Product option is now available for Quickbooks Online Integrations. During sync, products that have been sold or updated in Revel will be created/ updated as Service type items in QuickBooks Online. (Please note, these are not Inventory Type items. So, inventory tracking by Product will not be an option). There will also be a Default Product Item created in QuickBooks Online.
    During item creation from Revel to QuickBooks Online, if the item is already available in QuickBooks, the system will map with that Item. However, if that item in QuickBooks is already mapped with some other product in Revel, then the integration will create a new item appearing as #revel_product_id. Matching is done based on the Quickbooks product name equaling that of the Revel product name. If a product name changes on either side, the system will not match and will either look for another matching product or create a new item.
    During Regular Invoice, Refund and Credit Memo integration, items will be passed inside the invoice, credit memo, refunds along with quantities and amounts. For example, if there are five types of Products sold on the Revel POS in ten different orders, each product is sold in five unit quantities. Then in the QuickBooks Online invoice, there will be five line items each representing the respective products in Revel showing the five units for each product and their total amount.
  • Mobile numbers for vendors can now be imported and exported between Quickbooks Online and Revel.
  • Revel has introduced new object mappings for QuickBooks Online Payout accounts for new connections. Payin Debit will be mapped to Cash on Hand/Drawer and Payin Credit will be mapped to Cash Drawer Payins; while, Payout Debit will be mapped to Cash Drawer Payout and Credit will be mapped to Cash on Hand/Drawer.
  • To enhance our integration with Intuit, all manual balance adjustments on gift cards are now accurately done using either the Management Console or iPad POS. Manual adjustments can be made using the Management Console, on the Reports > More Reports > Gift Cards page or on the POS Settings window under Gift Cards.
  • To enhance our integration with Intuit, Revel has now created a few separate liability accounts in QuickBooks Online. The Customer Deposit liability account has been changed to Other Current Liabilities. The Gift Cards Outstanding liability account has been changed to Other Current Liabilities. The Employee Tips liability account has changed to Other Current Liabilities. The Gift Cards Adjustment liability account has changed to Gift Cards Adjustment.
  • Manual gift card changes performed in the Gift Cards report are now transitioned into QuickBooks Online. Changes to Remaining Balances fields on the report will create a Journal Entry in QuickBooks Online for the affected gift cards. Adding amounts to gift cards will Debit Gift Card Adjustment Accounts and Credit Gift Cards Outstanding Accounts in QuickBooks Online. Manually decreasing gift card amounts will have the opposite effect.

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