Setting Up QuickBooks Online Integration

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This guide will show you how to manually integrate the Revel system with QuickBooks Online. 

To see what data syncs between QBO and Revel or to learn more before you start your setup see our QuickBooks Online Integration Overview.


Integrating Your Accounts

To integrate Revel Systems and QuickBooks Online, customers must have a subscription already purchased for both systems.

    1. Login to Revel URL.
    2. Go to the Settings tab.
    3. Then click QuickBooks:Screen_Shot_2018-10-02_at_8_57_18_AM.png
    4. Next, go to Setup QuickBooks Online Integration.
      Note: If you don't see QuickBooks as an option in settings, please Contact Revel Support for assistance in activating the feature.
    5. Please make sure to uncheck “I want to integrate with QuickBooks Payments” then click on Connect to Quickbooks if you are not going to be using Intuit Payments.
    6. If you are using Intuit payments as well as QuickBooks Online, please keep both fields selected:
    7. The Revel System will then prompt you to enter QBO login credentials.
    8. Enter them and click Sign In:
    9. Revel will then prompt you to authorize your account. This is authorizing the two systems to connect.
    10. To continue with the integration, click Authorize.  
    11. On your Revel Management Console go back to Settings > QuickBooks > Setup QuickBooks Online Integration:

Setting Up Your Integration

Now that your accounts are connected, you need to select what data will sync before the integration setup is complete.

If you aren't sure what data to sync or not, see our QuickBooks Online Modules and Mapping for more information.

  1. You should make sure that Location Tracking is enabled in QuickBooks. To enable this, please see Location Tracking.
  2. You should also make sure that taxes are set up in QuickBooks. To enable this, please see Creating Tax.
  3. Check Sales, select Summary or Summary plus (in the drop down menu) and select the modules that are appropriate.
  4. Select Basic and click Activate:
  5. By clicking Advanced, the completed mapping of the integration should appear as shown below integrating the Revel and QuickBooks accounts.
  6. No sections should appear blank or say To be completed in QBO:

Your QuickBooks Online integration is now set up.

Data will be sent daily from Revel to QuickBooks which can be seen the following day. The time of this sync can be found on your Revel URL > Settings > Day Start Time. It is recommended to leave this at the 3am default time or if changes are needed, change to a time where the least amount of sales come through daily.

Extra Information

Please note: that all data generated on the days previously before setting up will not be sent over to QuickBooks.

Please follow this guide to manually entering past data - Manually entering past data. 

Important: It is recommended to check your QuickBooks Account regularly to ensure payments and sales are able to be reconciled correctly.

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