QuickBooks Online Overview

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


You can use this table for an overview of Revel's integration with QuickBooks Online (US).

There are more details about each integration feature here.

Feature Details
  • Simple Start
  • Essentials
  • Plus
  • Plus version required for use.
  • Does not support double time or overtime.
  • Only rounds to whole numbers.
  • Employees will sync between Revel and QBO.
  • Employees can be created in either Revel or QBO but not in both.
  • Employees and Payroll
  • Imports and exports from QBO to Revel and Revel to QBO (during initial connection).
  • If data is in both QBO and Revel, it will populate to both (during initial connection).
  • After initial sync, Vendors will sync from Revel to QBO.
  • Vendors should be created in Revel only after initial integration.
Purchase Orders
  • Comes over in a Bill at the sales summary level.
  • Receive inventory also comes over in a Bill at the sales summary level.
  • Journal Entries are created to balance accounts and for other inventory activities.
  • Inventory Integration
Sales Summary Report
Product Class Sales Report
Product Sales Report
  • Yes
Payment Reconciliation
  • Yes - Shows each transaction and will auto reconcile to QB Payments Account.
  • Access in Revel Point of Sale Reporting.
  • Deposits will come over as line items.
  • Invoices must be closed for full payment to appear on Sales Summary Reports.
  • The amount closed will show as an Applied Deposit.
  • Customer Deposits and Invoices
  • Access in Revel Point of Sale Reporting.
  • QBO only supports one tax rate - Revel supports multiple.
  • One tax rate must be setup in QBO.
  • Taxes

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