QuickBooks Online Overview

By Amelia Dwyer | Updated


Please see this table for an overview of the QuickBooks Online United States and Revel Systems Integration.

There is more details on each feature of this integration found on our Revel Support Help Site HERE.

Feature Details
  • Simple Start
  • Essentials
  • Plus
  • Plus version required for use.
  • Does not support double time or overtime.
  • Only rounds to whole numbers.
  • Employees will sync between Revel and QBO.
  • Employees can be created in either Revel or QBO but not in both.
  • Employees and Payroll
  • Imports and exports from QBO to Revel and Revel to QBO (during initial connection).
  • If data is in both QBO and Revel, it will populate to both (during initial connection).
  • After initial sync, Vendors will sync from Revel to QBO.
  • Vendors should be created in Revel only after initial integration.
Purchase Orders
  • Comes over in a Bill at the sales summary level.
  • Receive inventory also comes over in a Bill at the sales summary level.
  • Journal Entries are created to balance accounts and for other inventory activities.
  • Inventory Integration
Sales Summary Report
Product Class Sales Report
Product Sales Report
  • Yes
Payment Reconciliation
  • Yes - Shows each transaction and will auto reconcile to QB Payments Account.
  • Access in Revel Point of Sale Reporting.
  • Deposits will come over as line items.
  • Invoices must be closed for full payment to appear on Sales Summary Reports.
  • The amount closed will show as an Applied Deposit.
  • Customer Deposits and Invoices
  • Access in Revel Point of Sale Reporting.
  • QBO only supports one tax rate - Revel supports multiple.
  • One tax rate must be setup in QBO.
  • Taxes

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