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Apple Ethernet Connect (AEC) is a hardwired solution for your Point of Sale platform. Please note that WiFi on each ACE station must be turned off in the iPad settings.


Management Console Setup

In the Management console, select Establishment> Stations > POS Station.

    1. Under each specific POS station, the IP address field should be blank:Screen_Shot_2018-05-24_at_1.16.30_AM__2_.png
    2. >

Note: If IP Address is populated, WiFi needs to be turned off on the station.

The Ethernet IP address field under station details will contain the IP address of the AEC package:Screen_Shot_2016-07-19_at_12.41.49_PM.png

The AEC units are being configured in the and up range. POS1 should have IP, POS2 will have .22.72 etc.

Hardware Setup

      1. Male Lightning to Female USB3 & Female Lightning
      2. Male USB to Ethernet port




If your AEC is not working properly, perform the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Verify that WiFi is turned off on each iPad.
  • Turn off WiFi and test Internet connectivity.
  • The power MUST be connected from the Apple 2.4-amp power block or the iPad will show the following error. If you have an iPad Pro, you must turn the brightness down to around 50%. Otherwise, the iPad will not charge.
  • This warning will appear if either the IP Address for Wifi OR IP Ethernet address is blank under Establishment>Stations>DetailsIt will also appear if the AEC becomes unplugged; after Updating and refreshing, the IP Ethernet address field will become blank, letting you know to troubleshoot the connectors or the power block.
  • With iOS version 10.3.3 Apple added Ethernet Connectivity Setting. The setting is hidden by default and will show up automatically when an Ethernet adapter is connected through Apple’s lightning to usb 3 camera adapter (AEC):
  • It is not required to set up a DHCP reservation with the MAC address and IP for the AEC:
  • Once the Ethernet adapter is connected, the IP address will be automatically assigned:
  • Select Static and set a static ip address for the Ethernet Adapter: mceclip1.png

    Note: WiFi and Ethernet IP address should not match. Some older versions of iOS allow you to set the same IP address to both WiFi and Ethernet settings, this IP conflict will cause connectivity problems.  Set Ethernet IP addresses to the range of, .72, .73, etc and WiFi addresses to, .112, .113, etc.

  • Login to Revel POS - you should be prompted to update IP address - Update and Refresh.
  • Check the Management Console to confirm the station is in fact using the ethernet ip address:

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