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Insights by Revel is available starting in Revel version 2.19.


Revel has released the Insights by Revel app (replacement for the Manager App). This app is designed to offer key insights for store managers/owners about the performance of the establishment based on the activity of the Revel iPad Point of Sale. Insights by Revel allows users to create employee shifts, analyze sales and labor trends, and track payment activity for all transactions processed at an establishment.

The Insights by Revel app is available on the iPhone via App Store. Upon purchasing the app, the user will receive an email containing a license key. The license key is used to activate the application. For additional license keys to use on other devices, please contact Revel Sales by calling 415-744-1433.


Getting Started

Log in by entering the following:

  • Establishment URL or Establishment Name ( or noor)
  • Username (username used to login to the Management Console)
  • Password (password used to login to the Management Console)
  • License key (emailed after purchase)

Note: You will be required to login with your Revel Management Console Password and prompted for your Insights License Key after login.


Tap on a desired establishment to open up the Dashboard screen. The Dashboard screen provides insights on transactions, payments, top selling products, labor trends, shift alerts, and more, grouped into five different sections as shown in the image below:


Assuming trending is turned on, the percentages (in red or green) on the right-hand side of the Dashboard screen signify an increase/decrease from a previous day. Turn trending on or off, or set the trend date by tapping the filter icon in the upper right. Turn trending off by tapping clear all, or start or manage trending by selecting the time period against which you wish to perform comparisons, as shown in the image below.


Return to the store list by tapping on the drop down arrow at top of the screen.  This will open up the establishment details window, allowing the user to, if available, choose a different store. When viewing stores, the application displays the Total Payments for each store for that day, as shown in the image below.


To change the reporting period, tap the calendar icon in the upper left corner.  Select a default time period, or tap custom to set a custom period, as shown below.


Note: Trending is ONLY available when reporting is on a single day.

Tap any of the sections to drill down into their reports. Most reports have two to three view modes (excluding the Payments report, which only has one): "Data View", "Pie View", or "Graph View" represented by "Mountain and Lines" or "Lines Only".  Depending on the type of report there may be several sorting options, as shown in the images below.


Once the user has selected all desired options, tapping "Done" in the upper right corner will generate the data in the form of a graph (line/mountain and lines/pie/bar/). Samples of the various reports are shown in the images below.


Tap the filter icon in the upper right corner of the screen to filter the report by a trend (a day/week/month/year), by employee, and or by a role (cashier, host, chef, cook, driver, manager, etc.), as shown in the images below.


Tap Dashboard > Employees > Schedules to display a list of employees either scheduled to work for the day or currently working, as shown below.


Tap Employees > Contact List to display a list of employees along with their contact/role/wage details, as shown in the image below. From this list, a user may either create a shift by tapping on an employee who is "Available" or edit or cancel a shift by tapping on an employee who is "Scheduled" or "Working".

To create a shift, do the following

  • Tap an available employee.
  • Tap "Create Shift".
  • Input the start and end times for the shift.  Note, you may need to scroll below the time selector to select the end time.
  • Tap "Save" to confirm changes. A pop up window will appear, allowing the user to enter a reason for the shift and also allowing the user to send an SMS message to the employee.


  • Edit shifts by tapping on scheduled or working employees, tapping the start or end times. Cancel shifts by tapping on scheduled employees and by tapping "Cancel Shift".


  • Clock employees out by tapping on a working employee and tapping "Clock Out".


Tap the filter button near the upper right corner of the "Employees" screen to filter by "Alert", "Department", and or "Role". Employees Shift alerts (for late employees and for employees in or nearing overtime) can be configured on the Settings > Reports > Insights Application page in the Management Console. Once configured, they appear on the Schedules screen of the Insights app, as shown in the image below (on the right).


Learn more about Insights by Revel. If you need technical assistance, please reach out to Revel Support.

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