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About Moneris

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For merchants located in Canada, Revel offers directly integrated credit card processing through Moneris.

The physical card swipe for Moneris, the Ingenico iPP320, must be purchased through Moneris. It is also important to keep in mind that the direct integration with Moneris only operates with a hardwired connection. Clients who wish to use the mobile version of the iPP320 will need to use Credit +.

To get started with Moneris, you will need to create an account and request a VAR (value added reseller) sheet. This sheet includes your Merchant Number and ECR Number(s). Once the VAR sheet is generated and sent to our Payment Processing Team (, you will need to finish the setup process by following a series of steps to initialize your Moneris pinpad, confirm whether tips and offline payments should be enabled, and provide the pinpad's IP address.

After your payment processing has been set up, you will receive a confirmation from our Payment Processing team.

Moneris Setup

To get set up with Moneris, please send the below information to

  • Your Revel URL
  • Establishment number
  • VAR sheet (please attach to the email)
  • Whether you would like tips enabled
  • Whether you would like SAF (offline) payments enabled
  • Your pinpad's (or pinpads') IP address(s)*
To find the IP address(s), you'll first need to initialize your pinpad. Here's how:
  1. Start up (or restart) the device by pressing the yellow button and the button simultaneously (hold down the two buttons for 3 seconds).
  2. During startup, wait for the serial number screen (U-0202-……).
  3. In serial number screen, press sequentially three buttons: Red-Yellow-Green.

Configure the Moneris Processor

In the setup screen:

  1. Choose your pinpad language (ENGL for English, FRAN for French).
  2. Set Mode to PCI
  3. Set Ethernet Type to either Static or Dynamic. If the Static option is chosen, provide all required settings and move to step 5.
  4. IP host setup:
    • Use PUBLIC (2048) for client swipes, TEST(2048) for testing swipes.
    • On the next screen, choose the Production setting
    • Set Auto DNS to NO
    • In next screen set DNS IP as for primary and for secondary
    • Retry Period should remain set to 10
    • Connect timeout should remain at 30
    • Choose whether to turn on beeps
    • Press the green button on all other screens


There is a setting in the configuration called IPG that has 3 options:

  • IPG1
  • IPG2
  • IPG3

If you receive an Error 250 during the initialization process, change the IPG setting to IPG1 and run the intialization again. Now your Moneris Pinpad should allow you to complete the initialization process.

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