2.19 - How To View House Accounts in Quickbooks

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Revel version 2.19 brings you the ability to manage, track, report, and take payments on customers’ House Accounts. Our intent is to provide robust House Account functionality within Revel while we continue to advance our House Account integration with QuickBooks’ accounts receivable features.

In future releases, you can look forward to integrated House Account balances for individual customers. Until then, we'll continue to post unpaid balances to a single Asset account in QuickBooks. It is recommended that you continue to manage your House Accounts in Revel.

This guide will show you how to control your QuickBooks House Accounts using QuickBooks.

This is an invoice that has been paid using a House Account in Revel:

House Accounts sync to QuickBooks as one payment per day. You will see (above) that this is labeled on the Credit Memo as House Account Charge.

The Above Credit Memo will apply to your daily sales invoice and act as payment for the House Account transactions, as shown below:

Notice the one payment applied to this invoice. The payment applied in the top right is the Credit Memo.

Viewing House Account Liability in QuickBooks

  • Navigate to the Chart of Accounts in your QuickBooks file.
  • Select House Account.

This account is an Inventory type. Changing Account Type on this account can cause information sync to stop. Please do not change the Account Type:

Each Line item in this account comes in through the QBPOS Customer account. The Very bottom QBPOS Customer Credit memo is the payment which satisfies our invoice.

  • You will notice in the above example that the 321.30 is in the Increase column. Each time House Accounts are used as Payment, this will increase the amount in the House Accounts account.
  • Each time House Accounts are paid by the customer, an invoice will create a payment to decrease the House Accounts Account. 

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