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The Cash Office Report allows users to view/manage the following activities performed on the till:

  • Safe Drops
  • Bank Deposits 
  • Safe Counts

POS Station — Indicates the POS station that the activity was performed on.

Drawer — Indicates the cash drawer the till is connected to.

Till # — The ID number of the till.

Declared Amount — The amount that was entered in the “Amount of Safe Drop” field in the Safe Drop till window on the POS.

Confirmed Amount — The amount of money in the safe that was confirmed by an employee.

Variance — Any difference between the Declared Amount and the Confirmed Amount.

    • Clicking the grey (i.e., unconfirmed) check mark will let the user count the safe drop and complete the deposit into the safe.

    • The green check mark confirms that there is no variance from the expected count.

    • Clicking the pencil icon allows the user to confirm a safe drop.
    • The red cross mark indicates that a safe drop was confirmed, but was either over or under.

    • Clicking the Safe icon will let the user count the safe and also deposit the money to a bank, which may be optional.

    • All rows will be expandable to show details of each transaction.

    • Clicking the "Create Bank Deposit / Safe Count" link will allow the user to count and deposit an specific amount in the bank

Users can filter data by selecting any combination of:

  • Type (Safe Deposit, Safe Count, Bank Deposit)
  • Date (Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, This Month, Last Month, Custom)

Users will be able to export data to Excel, save as a PDF document, and or Print using the print icon

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