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The Cash Office report keeps track of all safe drops, bank deposits, and safe counts performed on the till.


How to Use the Cash Office Report

To effectively use this report:

  • Confirm Safe Drops made on the Point of Sale:
    • Anytime you make a safe drop on the POS, it will show on your Cash Office report. To confirm the safe drop, click the details icon:

    • In the window that appears, enter the confirmed amount in the safe and click Save:

    • Once you have confirmed the amount in the safe, the details icon will change to a grey check mark.
  • Create Bank Deposits and Safe Counts:
    • Click the Create Bank Deposit/ Safe Count link in the Cash Office Report:

    • In the window, enter the Amount in Safe, Amount to Deposit to Bank, and Deposit/ Envelope Number if you have one. Then, click Save:

    • New Safe Count and Bank Deposit lines will show on the report. Click the details icon to confirm the bank deposit once it's completed:

Cash Office Report Tour

The various components of the Cash Office report are:

  • Expand All/ Collapse All: Click this to view the report in an expanded view or collapsed view.
  • Filter Drop-Down Menu: Use the filter to view your report by Safe Drop, Bank Deposit, and Safe Count, Safe Drop only, Bank Deposit only, Safe Count only.
  • Time Range Drop-Down: Use the time range filter to view your Cash Office actions from Today, Yesterday, This Week, This Month, Last Week, Last Month, or a Custom Range.
  • Type column: Shows if the action was a bank deposit, safe count, or safe drop.
  • User column: Shows the employee who performed the action.
  • Date column: Shows the date and time the action was performed.
  • Confirmed Date column: Shows the date and time the action was confirmed.
  • Declared Amount column: Shows the amount entered when the action was initially performed.
  • Confirmed Amount column: Shows the amount entered when the action was confirmed.
  • Variance column: Shows the difference between the declared amount and confirmed amount:

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