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Finding Information about Revel Products

Our Help Site,, is jam-packed with any information you’d need to get the most out of your Revel Point of Sale. You’ll find ...

  • Hardware, Management Console, and POS-app setup instructions
  • How-to videos and articles
  • FAQ / troubleshooting pointers

… And much more!

To get started, just head to to search or browse for your question.

Signing Up for Self Service

To subscribe to how-to articles, see a list of your requests, or view requests across your organization(s), you’ll need to sign up for a Revel Support account. It’s easy to do:

1. Point your browser to and click Sign In in the upper-right corner:

2. Click the blue Sign Up link in the pop-up that appears:

3. Enter your name and email address (if you've emailed us before, use that address), check the I’m Not a Robot box, then click Sign Up:

If you've emailed us before, we recommend that you sign up with that address—you'll be able to see your support history with us!

4. After you click the verification link emailed to you to verify your address, you’re all set!

Following Help Site Articles and Sections

Have an extra special article or section you’d like to keep an eye on? Keep yourself posted with a subscription!

Once you sign up for a Revel Support account, you can click the gray Follow button at the top-right corner of any article or section page to start receiving change notifications:

After that, you’ll be notified by email whenever your article or section is updated.

Submitting and Tracking Support Requests

We’re committed to helping you help yourself – but that doesn’t mean we aren’t here when you need us!

You can submit a support request at from the top or bottom of every page:

Header link:

Footer link:

You’ll land on a simple form you can use to submit your request straight to the team that can handle it!

Pro tip: Check out the list of Suggested Articles that appears after you type your subject:

If you sign up for a Revel Support account, you can check up on your ticket, view past requests, and see a list of every request submitted by your business—all from a single web portal.

To get there, visit and click Sign In in the upper-right corner. After login, you can use the drop-down menu with your name to switch to the My Activities view:

The My Activities page reveals your entire support history, including support requests you were CC’d on and requests submitted by other people in your organization:

You’ll see your request titles, latest activity, and a color-coded Status column to quickly know which requests are open, solved, or require your attention.

Here's what the color-coded statuses mean:

(Open): Revel Support Team has received your request and it is being reviewed and/or worked on.

(Awaiting Your Reply): Revel Support Team needs more information from you in order to continue working on your request.

(Solved): Your request has been resolved.

(You can also click on a ticket's title to view additional details about the request.)

Finally, to view all support tickets submitted on behalf of your organization, just click Organization Requests:

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