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Revel now features a par level forecasting tool "Item Tracking" for its users. Particularly relevant for Quick Servicer users who have items that need to be prepared throughout the day, this feature allows users to know how many of those items to have prepared and ready before the customer orders, rather than having to produce items as a customer orders. 

Item Tracking Settings

The Product Forecasting settings are located on the Settings > Reports page in the Management Console. Clicking the “Enable Item Tracking” check box will expose the “Number of Weeks”, “Time Last Item Can Be Produced”, "Print Reports To", "Start of Day Report", "Time Slot Reports" and "Next Day Report" settings in the classic view for settings, as shown in the image below. Use the “Number of Weeks” setting to choose the number of previous weeks to use when calculating the forecasted sales of a product. For example: if the user configured four weeks, the system will calculate the average sales over the past four Mondays and show that data in the new Item Tracking Report for the upcoming Monday. Select a printer, print time, and print frequency for the "Start of Day", "Time Slot", and "New Day" reports. 

Item/Product Forecasting Settings


Item Tracking Report

Revel has added a functionality for users to track preparation (prep) time for forecasted items. A "Prep" column and "Prep Time" setting have been added to Reports > Other Reports > Item Tracking page. However, in order to access this report, the "Enable Item Tracking" functionality must be enabled on the Settings > Reports > Product Forecasting page. Then, "Prep Time" can be configured by:

  1. Clicking Reports > Other Reports > Item Tracking
  2. Clicking Edit Tracking Set > +Add New Tracking Set and selecting a "Prep Time" from the drop down menu.
  3. Creating a product set by clicking +Add a Product to this Set and filling in the corresponding fields.
    1. Set Name
    2. Sort number
    3. Tracking frequency (hourly, half hourly, 15 minutes, daily)
    4. Prep time (duration contingent on tracking frequency)
    5. Included products (product conversion)
  4. Clicking Save > Back near the upper right corner of the screen.
  5. Clicking Adjust Totals near the upper left corner of the screen.
Tracking Sets


On the Item Tracking Report, the "Forecasted" column will display the forecasted sales in x minutes (where x minutes = prep time) before the forecasted sales. If the prep time is one hour, and the forecasted sales amount for 10:00 AM is 10, the 9:00 AM prep cell will display 10. The "Prep" column will also leverage 'time last item can be produced'. If sales run to 10:00 PM, but the time the last item can be produced is 8:00 PM, then the values for both 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM must be put into the 8:00 PM prep cell. For example, a one hour prep time.

If sales are much higher or lower than the forecast, prep numbers under the "Prep" column will turn bold to account for actual sales (if they are adjusted based on reality).

  • Custom day: select a custom calendar date
  • Adjust all by: the overall percentage; entering a number into the field will adjust all values
  • Save Actual as Template: copies the actuals from a day into the forecast columns and saves
  • Edit template
  • Delete template
  • Export: CSV - XLS
  • Print Report

Also, the "Import: XLS" option at the top right of the Reports > Item Tracking Reports page brings users to the Reports > Item Tracking > Import page.

The page consists of two windows: "Item Tracking: Prepare For Import" and "Item Tracking: Import". The "Prepare For Import" window allows users to export and empty template, so that they can populate it with their own data and re-import, or export a previously saved template. The "Import" window allows users to import a new template, or update an existing one. 

Item Tracking Report


Item Forecasting Printer Settings

Revel has also added the functionality to have item forecasting preparation chits to be sent to kitchen printers. Three different type of chits can be sent to kitchen printers, all with customizable options. The settings that control this functionality can be found on the Settings > Reports page under the Product Forecasting section or the Reports / Product Forecasting section of the settings page.

Printer Settings


The table below describes the settings displayed:

Item Forecasting Printer Settings
Prints Reports To Selects the printer which will print item tracking reports. Clicking the field will expose a drop down menu of all configured printers.
Start of Day Report

The Start of Day reports prints all daily tracking sets. This functionality

contains three configurable sub-settings:

  • Print Time - Sets the time of day that the report first prints. This time will be the base off of which future reports are printed. For example, if you have hourly prints, and the Start of Day Report prints at 7:30am, then chits will print at 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, etc.
  • Include Totals For Each Time Slot? - Includes the prep amounts for every time period of the day in the report.
  • Include Total For the Day? - This setting will print out the forecast totals for each non daily print slot.
Time Slots Report Time Slot Reports print all non-daily tracking sets. This functionality contains four configurable sub-settings:
  • Print How Often - Specifies how often the reports print. Users can choose the following values: Never, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, one hour, two hours, and four hours.
  • Include Prior Hour Totals? - Includes a total how much was sold last hour.
  • Include Cumulative Totals? - Includes the total amount of sales that there have been that day.
  • Include Next Time Slot Forecast -Includes the totals for the next time slot that will print out.
Next Day Report The Next Day Report prints a summary of what will need to be prepared for the next day. Users can input the time they wish the report to print in the "Print Time" field. Clicking on the field will expose the Choose Time widget.

The image below displays examples of the Start of Day, Time Slot, and Next Day reports reading left to right:

Item Forecasting Printer Chits


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