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About Worldpay

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Revel Merchants can choose to set up credit card processing with Worldpay. Since Worldpay functions as both a processor and a gateway, there is no need to set up a separate gateway account or incur applicable gateway fees.

Once your account is set up with Worldpay, they will automatically send our Payment Processing team your account’s Account ID and Sub ID. Once payment processing has been set up, instructions will be sent to you to perform a test credit card transaction.

To explore Worldpay as an option or set up an account, please visit During the account setup process, please be sure to indicate Revel Systems as your POS.

Worldpay Setup

Worldpay will provide Revel the credentials to set up payment processing on your behalf. If this has not been completed, please reach out to Worldpay and request that they send your Account ID and Sub ID to

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