Switching from TestFlight to an App Store Version

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First off, thanks so much for your participation in our TestFlight beta program—hands-on insights from customers like you are invaluable to us as we ready our new versions for wider public release.

As we mentioned when you signed up for beta, the version you're using (downloaded via TestFlight) has a lifespan of just 60 days. While this should give you plenty of time to take it for a spin, it also means that you'll need to download the latest App Store version before your 60 days are up if you want to continue using Revel.

To avoid payments data loss or other unexpected behavior, it is crucial that you switch to an App Store version before your TestFlight copy expires.

Here's how to update your TestFlight app to a version downloaded from the App Store. Be sure to:

  • Follow the steps in the article carefully, especially the instructions about batching out payments.
  • Delete your TestFlight copy of the Revel app at the very end of the process (TestFlight apps have an orange dot next to the app icon to distinguish them from apps downloaded via the App Store).


Note: Always reestablish any local printer settings after Revel App updates. This includes font size of the printers, any printer redirects, and Zebra printer label types. These settings do not get stored in the server as they are able to be set individually on each POS.

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