QBDT Payroll setup

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When Integrating with Quickbooks Desktop Sync App, you will be asked to select designations for hourly and salaried payroll. This Article is intended to teach you how to set up those Payroll Items in Quickbooks. 


First Select "Employees>Enter Time" 

After Selecting "Enter Time" Navigate to "Time/ Enter Single Activity" 

After Choosing Customers> Enter Time> Time/Enter Single Activity A new Window will open up for you to work in. This is the "Time/Enter Single Activity" Screen.


If you select "Payroll Item" You will be allowed to create a new one.

Complete the Wizard which takes you through the setup of each Payroll Item. You will need to set up 4 total 



Choose whether the Payroll Item you are setting up is for Hourly or Salary Wage. Press Next. 



Choose Whether the Payroll Item you are setting up is for Regular Pay, Overtime Pay, Sick Pay, or Vacation Pay. Press Next. 


Name the Payroll Item which you just created. "Regular Hours" is the item we are setting up now. 

Press Next. 


Choose the Expense account which you would like to use for Payroll. In this case, we used "Payroll Expenses" 


Repeat this process to create the remaining 3 Payroll items.

When you have finished, return to the Sync app to select the payroll items which you have just created.





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