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Details Tab

When setting up the Establishment, the first tab you will need to customize is the Details tab. Here you will set up your network settings, printing configurations and peripherals.


  1. From the Stations link under Establishment, click the station you want to configure. You should see a list of your Point of Sale Stations, select the one you are customizing:
  2. To customize your printing, click the Show more button to view all options. Here you can create a call number, enable bar stations, input a QR code, print online orders, and exclude a kitchen printer:
  3. If you make any changes to these settings, make sure to click Save so that they are enabled after refreshing your Point of Sale.


Your Peripherals are additional hardware used to run your business and take customer payments. You can assign peripherals to specific Point of Sale stations.

  1. To edit the settings on your Peripherals, click the Show more link to open all the options available to you.
  2. Here, you can select the printer, coin dispenser, display unit, scale, card swipe, barcode scanner, RFID reader and Electronic Payment system you use:
  3. Once you're done inputting the information, click the Save button at the top of the page and refresh your POS.

Other Settings

In the Other section, you can disable pay, enable Caller ID, and suppress prompts.

  1. First, click the Show more button at the bottom of the section to open all options.
  2. In this section, enable and disable settings as you need:
  3. If you make any changes, click the Save button and refresh your POS.

Order/Payment Options

This section displays Order, Payment, and Credit+ options that appear on the Point of Sale.

  1. By default, all options in this section are in the Available column, but are not visible on the Point of Sale until they are in the Displayed column. Just click on the option you want and slide it over to the Displayed column:
  2. Once you've made your selections, click the Save button in the section you made changes:
  3. If you have Credit +, drag and drop the options from Available to Displayed and click the Save button to enable:
  4. Once you've saved all your changes, refresh your POS.

Order Action Icons

Action Icons are displayed on the bottom of the orders screen. Drag the icons from the Available column to the Displayed column. The buttons will display on the POS in the order you set them in the Displayed section. So make sure the action icons you use regularly are at the top of the section: 

Once you've saved all your changes, refresh your POS.

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