Using Physical Inventory

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Please make sure you have updated your Physical Inventory App to the 2.40 or above.


Starting a Physical Inventory Session

  1. To begin a Physical Inventory session, go to the Inventory page on your Management Console ([yoursubdomain]
  2. Next, click Physical Inventory.
  3. To start a session, click Start Inventory:
  4. Enter a Physical Inventory Name and add a Section Name.
  5. You can add multiple sections by clicking + Add New.
  6. Use the drop down under Group/Class/Category to Count to include any products or ingredients for this physical inventory section.
  7. Then click Done:
  8. By clicking Done, Revel will send the Physical Inventory data to the Inventory app, allowing you to begin the count/scan:

Note: Once the "Update Sections" option is selected, Revel will generate a unique number for each section in the following format: establishment number - count - section number, i.e. E01-00-1. By Clicking Start Physical Inventory, it sends the Physical Inventory data to the Inventory app, allowing the employee to begin the count / scan.

If you have Default Inventory enabled on all products, you will receive a Connection Failed error message when connecting to your Physical Inventory session. Simply remove Default Inventory for most of your items and try again.

Using Physical Inventory on the Inventory App

To count or scan inventory on the Physical Inventory app, your employee must have Physical Inventory - Count Sections and Physical Inventory - Scan Sections permissions set under POS Role Permissions

See our Role Permissions Guide to change your employee POS Role Permissions.  

To count or scan inventory, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the Physical Inventory app and tap Physical Inventory:


  1. Find the desired section and tap Scan:
  2. Scan the product or ingredients barcode using the iOS device’s camera, enter the product or ingredients name or barcode into the search, or simply select the product or ingredient from the list:
  3. Enter the number of the product counted and click Confirm:
  4.  When completed, click finish.
  5. A manager or owner will then need to finalize this completed physical inventory session.

Finalizing Physical Inventory

After the count is performed, the Physical Inventory page in the Management Console will display the overall count. The amount counted during the Physical Inventory section will show in the Scan Count and Actual columns. A manager or owner may perform a recount by clicking Recount, or accept the inventory count in the actual column by clicking Accept:

Once accepted, click End Physical Inventory:

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