FAQ about the Phaseout of iOS 9

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Quick Facts:

  • iPad Mini 1 cannot update beyond iOS 9
  • Revel Systems software runs on the latest iOS versions - the current iOS 11 and iOS 10
  • When Revel 2.40 is released, customers with an iPad Mini 1 will not be able to run on the current version of Revel
  • We encourage an iPad hardware upgrade to ensure no gaps in service

Revel is committed to providing high quality, supportable solutions to our customers. With that, it is critical to maintain the highest standards to ensure systems run properly and on the latest technology.

Following the 2.40 Revel update release in July, devices running on iOS 9 will not be supported. The iPad Mini 1 is not able to update beyond iOS 9 due to age related technology restrictions.

These iPads will not be able to run the latest version of Revel. This means the iPad Mini 1 will no longer be supported devices.

Revel urges any client using an iPad Mini 1 to upgrade their hardware.

Tell me more…

Revel’s standard practice is to support the two latest iOS versions. Revel’s latest release, 2.40, is capable of running on iOS 10 and the current iOS 11.

As technology ages, it loses the ability for software upgrades beyond a certain point. This is true for iPad Mini 1 – this iPad Mini model is not capable of upgrading past Apple’s iOS 9 software.

Because the latest Revel technology is not supported on iPad Mini 1, they will no longer be supported within the Revel ecosystem.

When does this happen, is it immediate?

The 2.40 update will be released in mid-June. Per Revel’s standard recommendation, we encourage users to take advantage of the latest software updates once they are available.

As with all updates, the 2.40 requires users to download the latest version from the App Store. You will continue to be able to access your Revel POS following the 2.40 update release, however, should any disruption occur that causes your app to crash or uninstall - you will not be able to access Revel POS on your current iPad.

Given this, we strongly encourage a hardware update to prevent any interruptions in service.

Why is this impacting me?

We have identified your business as one that is using an iPad Mini 1. These devices will no longer be supported within the Revel ecosystem because of the inability to update past Apple iOS 9.

How can I check if I have an iPad Mini 1?

Method 1: Please look at the back of your iPad to identify the model, engraved in small text, you will see “Model A” followed by a series of numbers:


Then, take note of the model and look it up in the chart below:


Method 2: On your iPad, go to Settings > General > Model and tap Model to reveal a sequence that begins with the letter A. Then, take note of the model and look it up in the chart above.

What iOS version is my iPad running on?

You can find the version of iOS or software installed on your iPad by checking your settings.

To find the iOS version installed on your device, go to Settings > General > About > Version:


If your have an iPad 1, your iPad will not update beyond iOS 9, and the version will show as 9

What does this mean for my iPad?

While it is not required that you immediately update your software, your business will not have access to the latest Revel software on your current iPad. With that, you will be missing out on the latest upgrades.

In the event of an issue that uninstalls your Revel app, you will not be able to reinstall on your iPad Mini 1, leaving you without access to Revel.

Can I continue to use my iPad?

Revel urges you to upgrade to supported hardware. While the impact may not be immediate, in the event you experience a crash or need to reinstall your POS app, you will lose access to your Revel POS.

What should I do?

Revel recommends you upgrade your device to technology that can support the latest version of Revel software.

What if I am just using my iPad as a CDS?

While you can continue to use your iPad as a CDS, you will be missing out on the features available in the latest version, 2.40. New features include higher levels of branding customization, the ability to remove the Revel logo from your CDS display, and enhanced functionality.

Additionally, if your iPad crashes or you need to redownload the Revel CDS app, you will not have the ability to do so. Neither the past version or the latest version will be available to download in the App Store.

I still have more questions, can I talk to somebody?

If you are unsure about your iPad Mini model, or want to talk about your hardware upgrade options, please reach out to your Revel Rep. If impacted, you received an email with the subject line iPad Mini 1 End of Life from your Revel Rep. Please search for this in your inbox to locate your Revel Rep contact information.

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