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Revel Systems Version 2.40 features a wide range of enhancements to your Point of Sale, Management Console, and supporting systems, including the CDS and Kiosk. From providing additional opportunities to customize branding to greater reporting capabilities, 2.40 provides additional functionality, and an exciting new virtual assistant, to help your business grow.

Your Version 2.40 Resources

New Features: Management Console

Your Revel Management Console will update automatically to the latest version. No action required! 

  • Learning new features has never been simpler, with the all new Revel Assistant, you can access how-to guides and walkthrough tutorials, right in your Management Console.
  • New cash management functionality provides additional security and enhanced reporting. Find out how to navigate this new functionality in our article 2.40 Cash Management Functionality.
  • Keep tabs on your sales numbers, you can now receive your hourly sales report sent each day in your daily reports email. Learn how to enable this report and have it sent to your email in our article How To: Get Hourly Sales Report Emails.
  • Efficiently track your upcoming orders with Future Order Handling and streamline management of orders for pick up/delivery.
  • Enhanced Discounts functionality enables you to manage active discounts in bulk and price combo discounts as a new, unique item. Learn all about the enhanced functions in our article Discount Features in 2.40 Management Console.
  • Don’t have an item in stock? Customers now cannot place online orders for any item that is not in stock.
  • For businesses that rely on invoicing customers, you can now set invoice as your default form of payment. We have your step-by-step instructions in our article How To: Set Invoice as Default Order Type.
  • Enhancements to the Kitchen Display System enable you to further customize your settings in the Management Console.
  • For increased security, businesses can opt to auto-generate employee POS PINs.

New Features: Point of Sale

You'll need to download the 2.40 Revel Point of Sale app from the App Store – coming early July! (Click here for upgrade instructions once it's available.) 

  • Do you want your employees to be able to check the weather? Or use a third party platform for employee scheduling? With the new Customizable Action Buttons on the POS, you can now access any URL directly from the POS app, while still maintaining system security; only the designated URLs can be accessed.
  • When splitting customer bills, attribute items and their modifiers to individuals for increased splitting accuracy.
  • Spend less time logging into the POS; if your business uses a card swipe for access, you can now skip hitting “log in” – just swipe and go.
  • Use Self-Service Kiosks? You can now prompt customers to choose eat-in or to-go when placing an order.

New Features: Customer Display Screen

You'll need to download the 2.40 Revel CDS app from the App Store – coming early July!

  • Captivate your customers while they check out, an enhanced Customer Display Screen allows you to further customize your CDS with video and additional branding capabilities.
  • Grow your customer database by giving your customers the ability to opt in for your loyalty program during a transaction and enable individuals to enter their contact information right on the CDS.

Full Release Notes

Can't get enough? Check out our full list of 2.40 features and enhancements:

Download 2.40 Release Notes

2.40 Walkthroughs & Help in the Management Console

We're committed to getting you the how-to help you need – where you need it.

To view step-by-step set-up walkthroughs about new 2.40 features, just launch your Revel Assistant from the bottom-right of any Management Console page ([yoursubdomain]


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