New Discount Features in 2.40 Management Console

By Libby | Updated


Revel's new 2.40 release gives you even more flexibility with your discounts. You can manage them in bulk, and create a copy of an existing discount to create a new one. Let's walk through the new options and how to enable them.

Display Preferences

Choose what discounts display and which don't with just a click of a button.

  1. Starting from the Products page, select Discounts from the menu at the left-hand side of the page:
  2. Click Preferences:
  3. From here, select the discounts you want displayed and click Save.

Copy Discount

Say you have a discount that works really well and you'd like to recreate it for another product or item to discount. That takes just a few clicks and it will be up and running!

  1. Click the copybutton.png in the line of the discount you want to use to create a new one:
  2. Rename the discount you are creating:
  3. Click Create:
  4. A new page will open, enter the details for the new discount:
  5. Once you've entered the information for the discount, click Save:savebutton.png
  6. Now your discount will show in the list.

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