Moneris Update Checklist

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Before making any changes, please check all of your iPads for their models and supported iOS versions:

If all iPads can support the latest iOS version (10.3.3 and above), go through this checklist:

Batch Out Payments

You'll need to batch out payments taken at each main and child iPad POS terminal. For main/child specifics visit this page.

1. On your iPad, open the Revel POS app and log in as a Manager or Owner.

2. From the dashboard, tap Payments Waiting to Batch:


3. Tap Batch Process, enter tips, then tap Capture All.

4. Back in the Manager Settings menu, tap Offline Payments / Offline Orders. These will need to be pushed and sent to your payment gateway, or they will be left unpaid and will not be deposited to your bank account.

5. Go to Settings > Manager > Sync Log > Orders - If there are any orders here, press Retry All.

6. Tap Done at the top-left of the screen to close the Manager Settings menu.

7. To verify that all payments/orders have been sent to our servers, tap Log out at the top right of the screen, then look to login screen's bottom left corner. If a message is showing, please confirm that it mentions all payments and all orders have been synced/sent to server:


(If the message shows a number of payments or orders not sent to the server, please call Support immediately to have an agent assist.)

Child Sync POS

Each child (non-Main) POS station needs to be checked for any unsent/unsynced orders:

1. Log in to the Revel POS application and go to Settings > Network Sync.

2. Every single entry under SYNC LOG must have an empty list. If the Retry All option does not help to sync data, contact Revel support.

Verify Payments Sync via Management Console

1. Log in to your Management Console ([yoursubdomain] and navigate to Reports > Payment History.

2. Select the current week as the time period, and verify that all credit payments are labeled Captured. If any of the payments are not labeled Captured, please call Support immediately to have an agent assist.

Sending POS Database

1. Go to your main POS station

2. On the login screen, enter the PIN 911912 and tap Log In and wait for the database to be sent.

Updating iOS

After you verify that all payments are captured and orders are sent to the server:

1. On your iPad, go to Settings > General > Software Update and update iPad's iOS.

Updating the Revel App

1. Once iOS is updated, continue with Revel POS app update as described here.

Updating the CDS, KDS, and AKDS (if applicable)

After Revel POS update, you'll need to update your CDS, KDS, or Android KDS (if you use them).


1. Delete CDS or KDS app from iPad

2. Open App Store

3. Search for Revel CDS or Revel KDS

4. Download/install app version which corresponds to Revel POS version

Android Kitchen Display System (AKDS):

1. Delete AKDS app from Android Viewsonic

2. Go to Google Play Store

3. Search for Revel KDS

4. Download/install app version which corresponds to Revel POS version

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