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Configuring Loyalty and Rewards Program

By Libby



Loyalty and Rewards programs are usually automatically enabled with Revel Systems. If you are unable to configure within the Management Console, please create a ticket with support to have this function enabled.

The first step to creating a Loyalty and Rewards program is to configure the program based on your business needs. Let's take a look at setting up the program from the Management Console.

  1. In the Management Console [yoursubdomain], click the Settings tab and then click Clear Selections:
  2. Begin typing gift, rewards, and Admin Cards to locate the selections for setting up loyalty and rewards programs:
  3. Check the box next to Gift, Rewards, and Admin Cards in the left side menu:
  4. Scroll down to the Gift, Rewards, and Admin Cards / Loyalty section: Let’s take a look at the different options that can be enabled:
    • Print Masked Rewards Card Number on Receipt will print the last four digits of a customer's rewards card number on the receipt:
    • Mask Loyalty Number in order history will mask the loyalty number on the Order History report:
    • Print Reward Balance on Receipt will print the customer's current reward points:
    • Print Points Needed to Redeem Next Reward on Receipt will print how many points the customer needs to earn before they reach the next reward discount:
    • Minimum Purchase Needed to Accrue Points allows you to enter a minimum amount the customer must spend per transaction in order to earn reward points:
    • Reward Prompt Method allows you to choose how you want the Point of Sale station to display the rewards prompt:
      • By Prompt (default) will prompt once payment has been taken.
      • By User Selection will not prompt at all, but will instead allow employee to swipe rewards card or enter rewards number at their discretion.
      • By Prompt on Tapping Pay will enable a prompt as soon as the payment button is tapped.
    • Allow Multiple Reward Redemptions per Order allows customer to redeem more than one reward per order if they have enough points:
    • Show on CDS will display redemption and point values on your Customer Display Screen:
    • Cash Back Rewards allows customers to redeem accrued points for money off their purchase:
      • Enter the name of the reward in the Reward Label field. Each Point Earns How Many Dollars Back allows you to set how much money each point is worth. If it is set to .01, then each point is worth one cent and 100 points will equal $1 off.
      • Programs Supported allows you to choose if you want Cash Back Rewards to be eligible for Visit, Purchase, Items, or Pooled rewards.
  5. Enable Default to Manual Rewards Card Input if you do not use plastic rewards cards and only enter the rewards card number manually:
  6. Allow Automatic Loyalty Generation will auto-generate a loyalty account for each new customer:
  7. Automatically Add Linked Customer to Order if a loyalty or reward card is linked to the the customer, Revel will add the customer to the order automatically:
  8. Click Save in the top right corner to save your changes.

Once you have the discounts enabled and created, you can link them to a customer through the Management Console or the Point of Sale station. See our article <> to find out how!

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